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Crystaleen® Professional Permanent Ceramic Coating

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Crystaleen® Professional Permanent Ceramic Coating
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Bringing commercial-grade car wash technology to your driveway!

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A safe & effective way to easily remove waxes, water-based sealers, & solvent based coatings 

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Replace multiple detailing products with one that does it all. This new and improved formula is our #1 best seller.

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features & benefits

TopCoat® CRYSTALEEN® is a "true" Professional Ceramic Coating now available direct to the consumer!

Professional Ceramic Technology: 

Crystaleen® is a professional 2-part ceramic sealant once sold only to auto-dealers & TopCoat® certified installers in the commercial market and backed by a 5 year unconditional warranty that guaranteed protection against all environmental or man-made damage caused over time.

Recognizing the trend of "ceramic" technology entering the retail market, TopCoat® released Crystaleen®, a "true" commercial-grade ceramic coating reserved only for the pros, directly to the end consumer so those who wanted the very best ceramic technology could buy and apply it themselves, saving thousands of dollarsin the process versus having it professionally applied!                                                                                                                      

Easy Application:  Crystaleen® was specially formulated for easy application, eliminating clean rooms, 48-72 hour undisturbed cure times, controlled humidity levels and other controlled conditions that every other professionally applied ceramic must adhere too or catastrophic failures are inevitable.  With a proprietary formula made for easy use, a simple 2 stage application process, and an immediate cure time so you don't have to wait for it, you don't need to be a Pro to apply Crystaleen®!

Proprietary and patentedCrystaleen®'s glass-like technology is second to none, offering 5+ years of proven performance, 7h durability, & unyielding protection from decades of real world commercial use, layer after layer, that no other coating can do or match, period.  Crystaleen® is an actual sealant, a "real" commercial grade ceramic that permanently bonds when applied, unlike all of the "hybrid-ceramic" sealers sold online or in stores that are falsely sold as real ceramics, however these hybrid-ceramics are non-permanent, lasting only a few months vs years, with no durability, hardness, or actual protection. 

So, if you want the best, here it is or your money back!  Finally, a real professional ceramic you can easily apply yourself!  


  • 7H Hardness, Improves Scratch Resistance
  • 5+ Years of Lasting Performance & Protection
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic
  • Flexes & Bends - Will not Crack, Peel, Flake, Chip, or Discolor
  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Multi-Use & Multi-Surface Coverage
  • Continuously Layers Adding Protection With Each Application
  • Repels Dust & Dirt For Easy Maintenance
  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistant
  • Patented Molomer® Infused Silica Technology
  • Positive Surface Charge Repels Dust & Dirt
  • Provides Improved Optical Clarity & Shine
  • Mitigates Microbial Growth
  • Safe on Clear Coats, Matte Finishes, PPF, Wraps, Carbon Fiber, Vinyl, Acrylic, Plastic, All-Metal, Wood, Glass
  • Renews Lightly Oxidized Surfaces
  • Made in the USA

8oz Kit: 

  • 1 -  8oz Crystaleen® Stage 1 Sealant 
  • 1 - 8oz Crystaleen® Stage 2 Curing Solution
  • 1 - TopCoat® MycroPro 2"x3" Applicator Pad 
  • 2 - TopCoat® MycroPro 18" White Premium Detail Microfiber Towels

Average Coverage:  8 motorcycles or 4 vehicles, or multiple layers

2oz Kit: 

  • 1 - 2oz Crystaleen® Stage 1 Sealant 
  • 1 - 2oz Crystaleen® Stage 2 Curing Solution
  • 1 - TopCoat® MycroPro 2"x3" Applicator Pad 
  • 2 - TopCoat® MycroPro 16" Green Professional Detail Mycrofiber Towels

Average Coverage:  2 motorcycles or 1 vehicle, or multiple layers


how to use


Click here for Instructional video tutorials!

MIXING: CRYSTALEEN® is packaged in two separate bottles labeled Stage 1 - Ceramic Sealant/Glassifier™ and Stage 2 - Curing Solution-Hardener, without exposure to air.

Stage 1 - Ceramic Sealant/Glassifier™: Shake vigorously for a minute or two until all white sediment is mixed thoroughly in the solution and in full suspension. Puncture seal and thread on pour cap clockwise until tightly secure.

Stage 2 - Curing Solution-Hardener: This stage does not need to be shaken. Puncture seal with trigger down spout, then thread trigger on clockwise until tightly secure.


The surface to be coated must be clean, dry and free from dirt, oily residue, grime, loose oxidation, spores (mildew) or any other surface contaminate that could affect product performance. It is imperative to fully and completely clean the surface, as CRYSTALEEN® adheres by chemical and mechanical bonding and must gain proper contact with the surface.

  • Buff or Clay bar first: Remove oxidization, scratches, paint marks, water stains, and foreign particles before application.
  • Do all prep work, washing, and ceramic application out of the sun, in ambient temperature. Do not apply in freezing conditions.


Stage 1 - Ceramic Sealant/Glassifier™:

  • Wash & Dry surface. Remove wax or sealers with PolyWash®, TopCoat® All-Purpose Cleaner, or TopCoat® Un-Coat®.
  • Wipe on: Spray or pour Stage 1 into a clean & dry TopCoat® applicator pad until saturated & wet but not dripping, then wipe on surface in a 2’x2’ section.

Stage 2 - Curing Solution-Hardener:

  • Immediately spray Stage 2 evenly over entire applied area of Stage 1. Let stand for a few seconds before buffing. With a clean & dry TopCoat® premium white microfiber towel, buff both parts to a smooth and lustrous shine. Final buff with a clean & DRY TopCoat® premium white microfiber towel. Repeat process until entire vehicle is done.


  • Use Stage 1 & 2 evenly & equally in the application process.
  • Ceramic coating cures 75% once applied, 7-10 days hard cure. It is perfectly fine to drive or leave outside once applied.
  • For improved shine, durability, & protection, you can apply multiple layers immediately, or when ready before pot life is over. NOTE: This product has a shelf life of 2 years average, and a pot life of 6-8 months once opened. Read the directions section for product details, and scan the QR Code on the label to learn more or watch application videos.

Shipping Restrictions: This product ships ground, if you're in another country, additional shipping charges apply.

bundle & save!




DIY ceramic coating kit for a beginner or a professional. This complete kit includes a wax/sealer remove, powerful wash, and Crystaleen®.

Crystaleen® PRO Kit

Crystaleen® PRO Kit

$339.99 $376.96

Be the PRO with our best selling formula, F11PRO®, paired with our professional grade ceramic coating.


What makes Crystaleen® different from F11®?

Crystaleen® is a permanent coating that bonds molecularly to the surface and is a permanent coating/sealant. F11® can be applied directly over dust dirtt without scratching, due to the slick additives that encapsulate dirt. Crystaleen® needs to be applied to a clean, prepped surface. F11® repels dust and dirt because of its slickness, while Crystaleen® carries a positive charge at the surface to ionically repel dust and dirt! F11® is the best way to clean the surface and add an extra shine over your Crystaleen®, they go very well together in maintaining any surface!

Can Crystaleen® be applied over F11® or F11PRO®?

Yes, Crystaleen® can be applied over F11®, or F11PRO®, however we recommend waiting at least 30 days after the last application to apply Crystaleen®. Then you can follow the preparation and application steps as usual!

Can Crystaleen® be applied to paint protection film?

Yes, Crystaleen® can be applied to paint protection film for added protection.

How long does it need to cure?

80% of the coating cures instantly, the rest takes 5-7 days for hard curing. However, you don't need to do anything special during the curing period. You can get it wet immediately, or apply another coat, without having to wait!

What can I use it on? Safe on glass, plastic, chrome, etc?

Crystaleen® can be applied to almost anything! We don't recommend it on leather or soft materials like dashboards. It won't do much for tires, but it's great on rims! If you're wanting to use it on older materials that are heavily oxidized, try it in an inconspicuous spot FIRST to make sure you get the desired results you want. Vinyls, plastic, glass, chrome etc are safe! Heat doesn't bother it at all, and it protects against corrosion!

How long does Crystaleen® last?

It lasts a minimum of five years! It's an aerospace coating, the backbone of our technology that was used on the space shuttle! It will not wear off because it is bonded on a molecular level. Nothing will remove it, besides abrasion.