Crystaleen How To

Crystaleen Overview


Crystaleen® is a patented 5-year professional ceramic coating technology owned by TopCoat®. It is permanent by design, and so advanced it was only available to auto dealers and certified installers for years...until now... 

Now, you can have the same professional ceramic coating at a fraction of the cost a pro would charge you to apply it. 

Even better, TopCoat® Crystalleen® contains the most advanced ceramic technologies money can buy, superior to anything on the market! 

One advantage of our coating technology is the ability to layer. Unlike other ceramics on the market, Crystaleen actually layers indefinitely, bonding chemically to the surface it was applied to, and to itself, cross-linking to become one impenetrable layer.

Applying multiple coats of Crystaleen® is not required, but additional coats will enhance the protection, durability, hydrophobicity, gloss and depth of shine even more.

Additionally Crystaleen®'s 2 step formula allows the coating to flex and bend with the surface preventing cracking, peeling, chipping, whitening, or oxidizing.

Oh and don’t forget Crystaleen® offers a 7H hard and durable barrier.  It's as hard as you would ever need (or want) a ceramic to be... especially considering anything higher like 8H, 9H or 10H is as hard as a diamond and would be so brittle it would easily crack and chip off the surface it was applied to.

Its also incredibly easy to apply by yourself without the need for any special training or equipment. Everything you need comes in the kit.


How to Apply Crystaleen

Crystaleen® was specially formulated for easy application and to be do-it-yourself friendly. Completely eliminating the need for clean rooms, 48-72 hour undisturbed cure times, controlled humidity levels and other controlled conditions that almost every other professionally applied ceramic must adhere to or catastrophic failures are inevitable. Crystaleen has none of those issues.

With a proprietary (and patented) formula made for easy use, a simple 2 stage application process, and an immediate cure time so you don't have to wait for it, you don't need to be a Pro to apply Crystaleen!

The following sections will walk you through the exact process of applying Crystaleen and getting professional results.


1. Preparing Your Surface


The surface to be coated must be clean, dry and free from dirt, oily residue, grime, loose oxidation, spores (mildew) or any other surface contaminate that could affect product performance.

If you have a wax or other polish, sealant or coating on the surface it must be stripped (removed) before Crystaleen can be applied. (To strip a coating use TopCoat UnCoat and follow the directions on the bottle.)

It is imperative to fully and completely clean the surface, as CRYSTALEEN® adheres by chemical and mechanical bonding and must gain proper contact with the surface.

Additionally, Crystaleen will enhance the surface its applied to in addition to protecting it, but it's important to note that what your surface looks like before will show through after Crystaleen has been applied.

Therefore it is important to do any paint correction or surface correction BEFORE applying Crystaleen. This can include; buffing, polishing, clay bar-ing, stain and scratch removal and more.

The better your surface looks before you apply Crystaleen, the better it will look after application.

Do all prep work, washing, and ceramic application out of the sun, in ambient temperature. Do not apply in freezing conditions.

Surfaces Crystaleen Can Be Applied To:

  • Painted surfaces
  • Clear coated surfaces
  • Metal
  • Chrome
  • Plastic
  • Glass/mirrored glass
  • Wheels
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Hard Rubber

2. Preparing Crystaleen For Use


Each Crystaleen kit comes with the following:

  • Stage 1 solution in bottle
  • Stage 2 solution in bottle
  • Applicator pad
  • Buffing towels
  • 1 pour cap (for stage 1)
  • 1 spray trigger (for stage 2)

Important Note

Crystaleen is a solvent based formula that comes sealed against air. Do not puncture the seal in either bottle until you are ready to use. Puncturing the seal exposes it to air and from that point on the shelf life (pot life) is 6 to 8 months.

3. Work In Sections


One of the most important aspects of successful Crystaleen applications is understanding the concept of “Sectioning”. For best results watch the demonstration video above.

Key takeaways from the video:

  • Work in smaller 2ft x 2ft sections
  • Slightly overlap your sections
  • Crystaleen bonds to itself so there is no need to worry about “dry edges” where your sections touch. It will not happen.

4. Crystaleen Application


For best results watch the video and see exactly how Crystaleen is applied.

Basic Application Instructions: 

  • Pour Stage 1 onto the applicator pad until wet but not dripping. Then wipe onto the surface in a 2’x2’ section making sure the whole area is covered.
  • Immediately spray an equal amount (equal to the amount of Stage 1 you used) of Stage 2 evenly onto the 2’x2’ section you just applied Stage 1 to.
  • Let stand for 5 to 10 seconds before buffing.
  • With a clean & dry premium white microfiber towel, buff both Stages together into the surface to a smooth and lustrous shine. (buff a slightly larger area than the 2’x2’ area you coated.)
  • With a 2nd clean premium white microfiber towel do a final buff until clear and polished. (buff a slightly larger area than the 2’x2’ area you coated.)
  • Repeat process until entire vehicle is done.

Important Note

Wipe off and buff in any overspray, drips, or drops of product outside the area you are working in immediately to ensure they do not harden up in place.

5. Crystaleen Curing & Off Gassing Process


Once you have applied both Stage 1 and Stage 2 and buffed in following the instructions in the application video, Crystaleen has already 80% cured and is safe to be used.

This means that directly after applying Crystaleen you can drive the vehicle, get it wet or dirty, it can get rained on, or just used as a regular vehicle.

The coated surface will be 100% cured in 7 to 10 days (depends on atmospheric conditions). During this 7 to 10 window the Crystaleen coated surface is “off gassing” and reacting with the atmosphere to completely cure into its final fully hardened 7H state.

Important Note

Do not apply any other product (polish, cleaner, wax, sealant, glosser, ect) over the Crystaleen until the 7 to 10 day window has passed. Doing so will hinder the curing process. After the coated surface has completely cured you can treat it, wash it and coat it like you would normally treat that surface. (For best results Topcoat your coated surface with F11PRO, see the video in the “enhance your results” section below.)

6. Post Use Crystaleen Product Care


As mentioned above, puncturing the seal exposes it to air and from that point on the shelf life (pot life) is 6 to 8 months.   If you do not use all of your Crystaleen, as soon as your finished applying it, put the hard caps back on, tighten firmly and store in a cool, dry location. To make it last even longer, store Stage 1 in a refrigerator. Remember Crystaleen can be layered for multiple coats on a single vehicle or used to do a single coat on multiple vehicles.

7. Enhance Crystaleen With F11PRO


Even though Crystaleen is a true 7H hard coat ceramic that will last 5 years, you still need to wash, clean and maintain it. That's just common sense, but you can actually ENHANCE the performance and protection of your Crystaleen by applying TopCoat F11Pro over the top of it.

Topcoating your Crystaleen coated surface with F11Pro will…

  • Enhance its depth of image
  • Improve optical clarity
  • Provide corrosion protection
  • Negatively Charge the surface to repel static dust and debris
  • Protect against sun damage & UV Rays
  • Increase the hydrophobicity and water shedding
  • Create a hyper slick surface dirt, bugs and debris won’t stick to.

On top of all that F11Pro will also ionically bond to Crystalleen coated surfaces and in doing so will renew, revitalize and protect your ceramic coated surfaces.

Using Crystaleen and F11Pro together gives you the best protection & performance money can buy.

(Learn More About F11Pro Here.)


the shine is unmatchable

"I am completely satisfied with this product. I put it on in my garage when the temperature was about 60 degrees...the shine is unmatchable. Looks like I put brand new clear coat on it."

- Ronnie M.

truck looks like a mirror

"What a difference, My truck looks like a mirror, I think I can almost shave myself now by looking at my shiny truck. Good job Topcoat. Matter of fact, I was so impressed I ordered another Crystaleen. I’m going wait until the fall to apply the second round."

- Michael M.

deep luster & shine

"I have been using for several years now and have been amazed at how GREAT it works. Water repeals off it amazingly well and the luster ands shine are very deep. I am ordering my 2nd kit. Some pics of the boat and the incredible shine it gets from Crystaleen and F11."

- Bill W.

Used on top of F11PRO

"After using Top Coat F-11 for a couple of years, my bike was pretty shiny and well protected. I used Crystaleen after a good wash, reapplied and am on my second order now. The bike looks great, I think, much deeper shine. I recommend this highly..."

- Steve W.