July 22, 2022 3 min read

How To Safely and Effectively Remove Wax and Sealer Coatings Using TopCoat UnCoat 

There are times that you may want to remove a sealant or wax on your car, boat, RV, or motorcycle. Removal of some sealers or wax products can prove to be very difficult and time-consuming. Often, removal of some sealers or waxes on certain surfaces could cause damage if you don’t use the right product, in addition to requiring expensive power tools and taking unnecessary time and effort.

TopCoat® UnCoat® is a safe and effective wax and sealer remover that can be done by hand. Depending on the wax or sealer type and age, several applications of UnCoat may be used to fully remove the wax or sealer. 

TopCoat® UnCoat® is multi-surface use and has been proven to be safe for paint, glass, matte finishes, clear coat finishes, metal, and many other hard surfaces. UnCoat is specially formulated to avoid leaving compounds or residues when used properly. Depending on the type of wax or sealer being removed, the residual wax or sealer may be mistaken for a residue until it is completely removed. TopCoat® UnCoat® will help in the removal of such residue and eventually strip all wax and sealer coatings from your paint or clear coat surface without leaving behind any residue or compounds. 

How To Use TopCoat® UnCoat® To remove waxes, water-based sealers, and other solvent-based coatings 

TopCoat® UnCoat® should be applied in an ambient near-room-temperature environment. Ensure that the surface that you wish to remove wax or sealer from is cool to the touch, dry, and cleaned before applying UnCoat. Once you find an inconspicuous area to test applying UnCoat, pour UnCoat onto a TopCoat® applicator pad until the pad is saturated with the product. Then, apply the saturated applicator pad directly to the paint or surface by evenly wiping with back and forth motions. Move the applicator pad in a circular motion without applying a lot of pressure. If color or paint transfers to the applicator pad, stop using UnCoat or you may discolor your paint.

Continue to work in the UnCoat product from the applicator pad covering a half panel size or about a two-foot by two-foot area. Continue to wipe the surface until the area is no longer hydrophobic or smooth to the touch after you have wiped it clean with a TopCoat® Mycro® Microfiber Towel. You can test the hydrophobicity by applying clean water to the surface after you have wiped it with your clean TopCoat® Mycro® Microfiber Towel. If the water beads up and runs off, there still may be wax or a sealer present on the surface. If the finish is “dry” looking, slightly duller, or the surface feels grippy and not glass-smooth to the touch, you will then know that the wax or sealer has been completely removed.

If you find that the wax or sealer is still present on the surface, reapply UnCoat to your TopCoat® MycroPad Applicator Pad and repeat the wiping process. Be mindful of your applicator pad becoming dirty where you may need to wash it out before applying UnCoat again or use a fresh new applicator pad. You do not want to use a contaminated applicator pad as you could scratch or damage the surface or clear coat that you are attempting to remove wax or a sealer from.

TopCoat® UnCoat® is designed to flash quickly and does not leave any compounds or residue like traditional wax and sealer strippers. Once you have removed all the wax or sealer from the surface, wipe down your surface with a clean TopCoat® Mycro® Microfiber Towel

Bonus Tip:

Once you are satisfied with the removal of all wax and sealer using TopCoat® UnCoat®, you may use TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® to apply a new sealant to help protect your paint or clear coat surface. TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® is easy to apply, lasts a long time, and is extremely hydrophobic to repel water and prevent the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime on your paint or clear coat surfaces. Additionally, you can go for the ultimate in paint and clear coat protection and utilize our TopCoat® Crystaleen® ceramic that is easily applied through a simple and quick two-step application process. TopCoat® Crystaleen® uses an advanced TopCoat® Molymer Technology for superior bonding with a 7H hardness and 5+ years of protection.