TopCoat® Ultra-Micro™ 16" Professional Detail Microfiber Towels

TopCoats® Professional Detail Microfiber Towel is a 16" x 16", color-fast, medium density & high fiber (MDHF)™, microfiber towel created specifically for detailing and polishing applications. Unlike most microfiber towels on the market that are 250-300 GSM our towels are 350 GSM, meaning they are typically used for surfaces that need to be treated with extra care. The higher pile pulls debris away from the surface where it is less likely to scratch during the wiping process.

NOTE: Towels come in three colors (Green, Orange, Black), depending on available inventory.

  • Extremely soft & Absorbent Microfiber
  • Won’t Scratch or Swirl Delicate Surfaces
  • A Safe and Effortless Way To Dry Your Car
  • 350 GSM

TopCoat® Ships International!

Our TopCoat Products ship internationally.

Pairs Perfectly with TopCoat® Products

These are no ordinary towels. We designed them to be the last towels you ever need to buy. They are the perfect mixture of softness, density, and absorbability and ideal for detailing work using TopCoat® products like F11®.

Soft MicroFiber Fabric Won’t Cause any Surface Scratches

Beware of cheap towels that you can buy in bulk at any big-box store. They can turn the small particles of dirt and dust into abrasive compounds, leaving your surface damaged. TopCoat’s® densely woven microfiber protects your finish.

Extremely Durable and Long Lasting

Thick, double-sided edges and rugged construction mean you can use and abuse these towels, and they’ll keep coming back for more. These towels also won’t shrink, so you can wash them, and keep using them for years to come.

Outperforms the Competition

From the durable, rugged construction to the Ultra-Glide™MacroGrab™ technology built right in, these are superior to all other microfiber towels in every way. Try them for yourself and see the difference.

  • Created by TopCoat® to be ideal for detailing and polishing applications
  • Ultra-Glide™ smoothness with MacroGrab™ technology makes hand-buffing a breeze
  • Densely woven microfiber won’t cause “micro-scratches” like other copycat towels
  • Thick, double-sided towel edges will not curl and the fabric won't shrink, ensuring these towels will last you for years.
  • Tag is designed to easily tear off without damaging the towel
  • 16” x 16” medium density & high fiber towel

NOTE: Towels come in three colors (Green, Orange, Black), depending on available inventory

Q. Can I machine wash?

A. Yes! Our towels are machine washable.

Q. Which side of the microfiber towel do I use?

A. We recommend using the short fiber side to apply the product to the surface, then use the long fiber side for buffing it in.

Q. When do I wash them?

A. If the towels were used to just reapply F11® to a clean surface, there is no need to wash them. Some people like to put the application towel that's saturated with F11® in a ziplock bag to use again and save product.

Q. How do I wash them?

**A. ** Wash the microfiber towels together, not with other garments, to avoid lint sticking to the microfibers. Wash with regular detergents, then dry as normal in the dryer. Use a fabric sheet to remove static charges / electricity from towels when drying.