July 22, 2022 3 min read

How to Use TopCoat® Gla-C® and the Benefits of Using a Glass Maintenance Coating

Have you ever had the problem of a glass cleaner streaking or after using the cleaner the glass fogs up or collects all types of dust and dirt? Well, no longer put up with the fuss of going through all the hard work of cleaning the glass on your car, RV, boat, motorcycle, or off-road vehicle and then having to clean or wipe the surface many times again. TopCoat® Gla-C® is a new multi-purpose maintenance coating polish and glass cleaner all in one. 

How To Use TopCoat® Gla-C®

TopCoat® Gla-C® is easy to apply, and it is safe to use on any glass surface because it is an environmentally friendly water-based formula with no solvents or abrasive compounds. Gla-C® can be safely applied to a variety of glass types, such as acrylic, window tinted glass, lexan, eisenglass (plastic glass on jeep soft tops or boat canopies), and many other glass surfaces with specialized coatings.

Applying TopCoat® Gla-C® is as simple as spraying your glass surface with Gla-C® and then wipe the area with a TopCoat® Ultra-Micro Microfiber Towel. There is no need to reapply Gla-C® or press hard when you buff the glass surface. You may reapply Gla-C® to dry and dirty areas of the glass that require cleaning and protecting. Most dirty glass surfaces don’t require a lot of Gla-C® – a little goes a long way.

For glass surfaces that are very dirty or caked up with dust or dirt, you may liberally apply TopCoat® Gla-C® before your first wipe. Simply give the surface a few mists before wiping or buffing with your TopCoat® Ultra-Micro Microfiber towel. You are not required to re-apply TopCoat® Gla-C® to the surface after the first application. The cleaning and polishing formula of Gla-C® will work with just one pass of wiping or buffing the product.

TopCoat® Gla-C® uses a MicroGlide™ technology to provide a slick barrier. The slick barrier allows your wiping or buffing process easy and at the same time it will reduce airborne particles and foreign material from sticking and building up on the glass surface. MicroGlide™ technology is revolutionary and it will chemically fill microscopic pores of glass to reduce surface tensions and friction, which will leave the glass smooth to the touch and help keep it clean longer.

TopCoat® Gla-C® will have a lasting effect to keep your glass surface hydrophobic for months, which will help keep it clean and free from building up dirt and dust. Water applied to the surface of glass that has been cleaned with Gla-C® will bead up and run off.

The Benefits of Using a Glass Maintenance Coating Like TopCoat® Gla-C®

The main benefit of using a glass maintenance coating like TopCoat® Gla-C® is that you have a product that not only cleans your glass, but it also polishes and seals the glass surface. TopCoat® Gla-C® is the first of its kind in the industry that combines an eco-friendly glass cleaner and a maintenance coating/polish that’s made in the USA. TopCoat® Gla-C® leaves a hydrophobic layer without a residue or streaking, which will help keep your glass surfaces clean longer due to its protective properties that repel water, dust, and dirt. In some cases, you can go months before cleaning your glass surfaces again after using TopCoat® Gla-C®.

Application of TopCoat® Gla-C® is easy and can be quickly done when using a TopCoat® Ultra-Micro Microfiber Towel. When water hits the surface of glass that has been cleaned using Gla-C®, it will bead up and run off thus keeping the surface free of dust and dirt. Traditional glass cleaners will only do one thing, clean the glass surface. Many traditional glass cleaners also leave behind annoying streaks or cause glass to fog, which will reduce your visibility in applications such as cars, boats, RVs, and motorcycles.

Traditional glass cleaners do not have any hydrophobic or polishing properties, so your glass surface is left unprotected and vulnerable to quickly becoming dirty. Using Gla-C® will save you time and effort by combining a glass cleaner and maintenance polishing coating in one product. You won’t have to fumble with reapplying traditional glass cleaners to keep your glass clean. Moreover, with Gla-C®, you don’t have to apply any additional products to seal or maintain your glass to add a hydrophobic layer or a polish that keeps it clean longer.