July 12, 2022 4 min read

How To Protect and Maintain Your Motorcycle All Year with TopCoat® Products

Motorcycles demand attention in more ways than one, and when it comes to cleaning and keeping your Motorcycle clean, certain challenges arise when looking for cleaning and protectant products that can be applied to the many different surfaces and crevases of a bike. This is where TopCoat® comes to the rescue to provide several easy-to-use products and certain cleaners and sealants that do it all, such as TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO®.

Motorcycles have many different surfaces and materials that often prove hard to clean and keep clean. Motorcycles are commonly subjected to dirt, grime, road debris, and elements that could stain many parts of a Motorcycle potentially costing money and valuable time to restore those parts that are not properly maintained throughout the year.

Use TopCoat® Products to Clean Every Part of Your Motorcycle and Protect it From the Elements

Cleaning and Prep

Cleaning a Motorcycle is often a touchy subject because many traditional cleaners and sealant products cannot be applied to different types of metals, plastics, or paint surfaces, some of which reach very high temperatures on a Motorcycle. Using TopCoat® products like TopCoat® F11®, TopCoat® F11PRO®, TopCoat® PolyWash®, TopCoat® Spritz®, and TopCoat® TireDress®, are all safe for use on Motorcycles and their many different parts. 

For cleaning and prepping the surfaces of your Motorcycle, we recommend using TopCoat® PolyWash®. TopCoat® PolyWash® is a water-based formula that doesn’t use any solvents or abrasive compounds making it safe for virtually every component of your Motorcycle, including the engine components that are exposed to weathering elements. TopCoat® PolyWash® comes in an ultra-concentrated formula that allows you to use as little as 1oz per gallon of water. Moreover, TopCoat® PolyWash® can be used in a sprayer or foam cannon, or simply applied to a TopCoat® Ultra-Micro® Microfiber cloth to clean those hard-to-reach crevasses of Motorcycles. 

Protecting and Maintaining

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your Motorcycle using TopCoat® PolyWash®, you can then apply TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® to just about any part of your Motorcycle. TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® have the perfect formula for maintaining your Motorcycle’s many parts, including the shiny painted surfaces like the fuel tank. TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® are a water-based and eco-friendly formula that is safe for all surfaces of a Motorcycle, including paint, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, and more. TopCoat® F11® is long-lasting and extremely hydrophobic to repel water thus making the treated surfaces of your Motorcycle clean longer because TopCoat® F11® repels water, dust, and dirt. For even longer-lasting protection, try TopCoat® F11PRO®, which lasts 12+ months from just one application.

TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® can easily be applied to just about every surface of your Motorcycle, including the engine, by simply using a TopCoat® Ultra-Micro ® Microfiber Towel to apply the product, followed by a dry microfiber towel to give your Motorcycle surface a final buff. Simply Spray, Wipe, and Buff, and your Motorcycle is good to go with protected surfaces that look the proper part of a clean and well-maintained Motorcycle. You don’t have to ever worry about using TopCoat® F11® on the many different surfaces that get hot, such as your engine and exhaust pipes on your Motorcycle because, again, TopCoat® F11® is an eco-friendly water-based formula that doesn’t have any solvents or abrasive compounds. The ease of applying TopCoat® F11® is part of its unique ultra-glide technology. TopCoat® F11® also uses SiO2 technology to provide a hydrophobic layer and is the first of its kind to be self-healing, helping to protect your Motorcycle from harsh elements. 

To further protect and maintain your Motorcycle and its parts, you can use TopCoat® TireDress® to treat your Motorcycle tires and other rubber parts. TopCoat® TireDress® uses a safe formula and an anti-sling technology that not only prevents the product from slinging onto other surfaces when you ride your Motorcycle, but it lasts a long time and doesn’t wash off from rain or puddles. 

Yes, you can ceramic coat your Motorcycle!

For the ultimate in protection for your Motorcycle, TopCoat® Crystaleen® may be used as a do-it-yourself 2-step application ceramic coating. TopCoat® Crystaleen® can be used on many parts of your Motorcycle, such as the painted surfaces, chrome, metal, and fiberglass. Using TopCoat® Crystaleen® saves your time and money versus having your Motorcycle ceramic coating by a professional. Best of all, TopCoat® Crystaleen® is extremely durable providing 5+ years of protection and 7H hardness that flexes and bends instead of becoming brittle after it is cured. The hydrophobic properties of TopCoat® Crystaleen® will give your Motorcycle the best protection from the outside elements and long-lasting protection from road dirt and grime that may otherwise quickly build up after you hit the open road on your Motorcycle or store it away.

Let the good times keep on rolling with the confidence of a pristine and well-maintained Motorcycle using TopCoat® products to keep it clean and protected!