July 14, 2022 3 min read

Prolonging the Life of Your Boat's Finish: Why You Should Keep Your Boat’s Exterior Clean

For those of us who are fortunate enough to own a boat, we will want to do our best to protect investment to give us many years of enjoyment.

Boats, just like cars, require routine maintenance. Apart from the routine maintenance of the mechanics of a boat such as engine maintenance, there’s the component of maintaining its exterior, which is essential to preventing unforeseen damage to your investment that could cost you in the long run.

Cleaning a boat’s exterior is essential to prolong the life of the hull and get the best fuel efficiency

A dirty boat hull can be the beginning of many problems that will quickly empty out your pockets due to high maintenance costs and sometimes a higher fuel bill. Keeping the exterior of your boat cleaned and maintained will not only save you money but will prolong the life of your boat and keep it looking good for years to come.

Keep your boat’s exterior clean and protected to prolong its life and reduce maintenance costs

No matter the type of finish on your boat, you will need to clean it at times and keep it protected with the proper wax or sealant, such as TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®. Fiberglass, Gelcoat, it doesn’t matter, your boat’s exterior will require regular cleaning, waxing/sealant, or polishing for both cosmetic and protective reasons. TopCoat products like TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® are everything you want in a coating to protect the exterior of your boat.

It’s always good to have a good-looking boat going down the waterways or while out in the open ocean or lakes. However, as your boat ages, it gets dirty, and there may be problems lurking that lead to oxidation, deterioration, staining, or unwanted build-up from both fresh and saltwater. Too many times have boats succumbed to poor maintenance or just the fact of poor cleaning and protecting the hull and other exterior surfaces costing the owner thousands of dollars to make repairs and make the boat seaworthy again.

The fact of the matter is, your boat requires seasonal cleaning and care, which often involves using the proper cleaners, polishers, and sealants. Not only do the elements in the water attack your boat, but the UV rays from the sunlight beat down on surfaces along with salt spray on the deck and other exposed surface areas. Moreover, natural weathering and the beating of harsh environments during storms or extreme cold and heat all take a dire toll on a boat. All the brightwork and wood on some boats also gets worn and may require refinishing or replacing if it is not properly cleaned and protected with a sealant, in addition to rubber or rubber seals that require cleaning and treatment. More than likely you’ve seen boats that have suffered from poor maintenance and it’s obvious from discolorations, rust, torn canvases, clouded glass/plastic, or rough surfaces.

Just like an automobile, your boat consists of several materials that get worn over time. Many times, simply cleaning those materials will not suffice to prolong their life and keep them looking good. Just one day out on the water fishing is enough to deteriorate or ware certain surfaces on a boat. Boats require sealants to help protect those materials from the harsh elements that a boat is exposed to, sometimes daily depending on the boat being docked in the water, stored in drydock, or even parked inside of your garage. A sealant is essential to keeping your boat protected from the countless elements and harsh environments that it may encounter.

Save fuel by keeping your boat’s hull clean and protected

Everything below the waterline on your boat affects your boat’s speed and performance. If the hull is not smooth there may be resistance between it and the water thus resulting in increased fuel consumption. By properly cleaning can caring for your boat’s hull, you may save on fuel costs by having a hull that has less friction against the water. Utilizing wax or sealants will help keep the hull clean and protected from the elements, thus having a smoother surface with less friction build-up proving to have better fuel consumption. There are studies that prove some sealants or ceramic coatings improve aerodynamics and increases fuel efficiency due to some of their hydrophobic properties that reduce drag on a boat’s hull below the waterline.

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