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TopCoat® Spritz®

TopCoat® Spritz® is an easy, one-step hand application that enhances the existing surface and provides a “quick gloss” shine to glossy surfaces but will not artificially shine non-glossy surfaces. Spritz® has been specifically designed to refresh and enhance the beautiful shine you get from your F11® applications. 

The Best Part? With every use of TopCoat® Spritz® the process gets easier and easier with better and better results. Spritz is for those moments when you don't have the time but still want the shine.

A Speed Detailer & Waterless Wash in one!

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    What is Spritz®?

    Spritz® is a speed detailer and waterless wash in one!  Spritz was made to clean, enhance, and improve your entire vehicle's surfaces, inside and out, without using water, car washes, or traditional means of cleaning.  It was made specifically for those that live in water regulated areas, and for the person who doesn't have the time but wants the shine!  Spritz is a quick way to maintain and enhance any surface in minutes, used as a waterless wash (drywash for short)  to keep the vehicle clean between coatings. Spritz® will only improve the original surface's appearance regardless of finish.  Matte finishes look new without gloss, yet glossy finishes get an improved shine and depth of image. Spritz is a fast, effective, and economical way to keep your vehicle perfectly maintained, and only improves the life of any material including ceramic coatings.

    How long does Spritz® last?

    One application of Spritz® may last up to 3 months!

    How much will I need for my vehicle?

    With Spritz®, a little goes a long way. Spritz® is a quick detailer & waterless wash in one so you would typically use 2 ounces or less of product for a full sized vehicle. 

    Why would I need to use Spritz® if I am using F11® or F11PRO® already?

     Spritz® is made to be a Speed Detailer & waterless Wash product. You are not required to use it. Most of our customers use Spritz® in between applications of F11® or F11PRO® to quickly maintain their vehicle, or when attending a car show they’ll use Spritz® for that quick shine.

    Is Spritz® a dry wash?

    Yes! Spritz® is a waterless wash, so if you have a water issue, or a time issue, and can't wash your vehicle traditionally Spritz® is the perfect solution! 

    For Best Results Apply to a Clean Cool Surface.

    • Mist product directly onto ANY surface intended for a quick detail gloss and spread using a clean Microfiber cloth.
    • Buff excess product using a clean microfiber, turning to a dry part of the cloth for the final buff.
    • Do one area at a time, move to the next and repeat the process.

    NOTE: Especially on glass, chrome, and other high gloss surfaces, rebuff using another clean, dry microfiber to ensure a streak-free shine.

    • Quick and easy to use: Spritz®’s one-step hand application is a quick and easy way to clean your vehicle without using water. Spritz is made to preserve, prolong, protect, and restore all surfaces between TopCoat® sealer applications or after washes.
    • Replaces all other quick detailer and dry wash products.
    • Safe for all surfaces: paint, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, dashboards, and more.
    • Use on windshields or windscreens made of glass, acrylic, or vinyl as a window treatment for lasting water repellency.
    • Spritz® restores surfaces without giving a fake, superficial shine (and matte surfaces stay matte!)
    • Designed to work with all TopCoat® products.
    • Safe and recommended for use on PPF (paint protective film), acrylic or vinyl materials like plexiglass, isinglass, or window film.
    TOPCOAT® SPRITZ® How It Works

    How SPRITZ® Works

    Spritz® is a quick and easy way to maintain, preserve, enhance, and extend the life of your vehicle surfaces and prtective coatings such as sealers or sealants. With an easy spray and wipe application maintaining your investment becomes effortless and quickly showcases a professional result in the matter of minutes.