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TopCoat GunArmor®

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Weapon Cleaner And Polish In One

TopCoat® Products is known for making revolutionary coatings that clean, enhance, and protect any material or surface from the elements. From vehicles, TRUCKS, boats, planes, motorcycles, RVs, industrial use, or home, TopCoat® formulates and creates proprietary products designed to outperform and outlast any competing product on the market.

Once again, TopCoat® has created another revolutionary product called GunArmor®, a unique and proprietary gun cleaner and polish that will surely change the weapons industry, just as TopCoat® F11® did for the auto industry. This advanced technology cleans, restores, and enhances the actual functionality of the weapon, improving total performance, while protecting it from the elements and the harsh conditions of the outdoors. GunArmor® Improves accuracy by reducing friction and wear. Due to GunArmor’s® proprietary MycroGlide™ technology, any treated weapon remains cleaner longer, inside and out, which means less dirt and debris build up, which means less jams so the gun stays operating while others would fail.

A clean gun makes a difference in more ways than one. Enhancing the natural beauty of a favorite firearm, enhancing all firearm parts, materials, and surfaces with a ceramic barrier that protects against corrosion and the elements, ensuring dust, dirt, mud, and debris from clinging or sticking due to our proprietary easy-release and non-stick MycroGlide™ technology, reducing or eliminating the need to oil or grease, and improving performance, efficiency, and effectiveness, GunArmor® does all of this with one product that is easy to use, and safe to use.