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TopCoat® Home Kit (New)

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The newest & best way to detail your vehicle, or any surface, taking detailing to a whole new level.

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TopCoat® 18" Premium Microfiber

TopCoat® 18" Premium Microfiber

Ultra plus microfiber specifically designed for detailing and polishing

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Replace multiple detailing products with one that does it all. This new and improved formula is our #1 best seller.

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Save An Extra 27% When You Buy The Complete Home Kit

(save over $38 per kit if you buy 2 or more)

features & benefits

TopCoat® Home Kit: The Ultimate Cleaning and Detailing Solution

Transform your home cleaning routine with the TopCoat® Home Kit, a comprehensive bundle of our top three home cleaning and detailing products. The products in this kit combine advanced chemical, molecular, and nano-technologies to deliver unmatched performance in home care, outshining traditional products in every aspect. 

What's Included in the Kit:

  • 1 x HPS (16oz): High-performance surface cleaner and polish.
  • 1 x SSP (16oz): Specialized stainless steel polish.
  • 1 x Gla-C (16oz): Advanced glass cleaner and polish.
  • 4 x Specialty Microfiber Towels: Including 2 x 18” and 2 x 16” towels for optimal application.

Unprecedented Value and Savings

  • Replace Multiple Products: The TopCoat® Home Kit is not just three individual products; it's a complete replacement for up to six traditional cleaning agents. This consolidation means significant savings - both in terms of cost and storage space.

  • Economical Choice: By eliminating the need to purchase multiple surface-specific cleaners, the Home Kit becomes an economical choice for the discerning homeowner, reducing overall expenses in home care.

Effortless Cleaning and Long-lasting Protection

  • Simplified Routine: After the initial use, you'll notice how these products make cleaning less of a chore. Surfaces stay cleaner for longer periods, drastically cutting down the frequency and effort of cleaning tasks.

  • Quick Touch-Ups: When it's time for a cleanup, it often requires just a simple wipe-down, thanks to the protective coating each product leaves behind.

Visible Improvement and Surface Enhancement

  • Instant Results: The difference is noticeable after the first application. Surfaces not only get cleaner but also gain a rejuvenated appearance, with an enhanced shine that's visibly superior to results from conventional cleaning products.

  • Surface Transformation: It's more than just cleaning; it's about transforming and elevating the look of your home’s surfaces to a level that's hard to achieve with other products.

Prolonging Beauty and Durability

  • Long-Term Benefits: Regular use of the TopCoat® Home Kit goes beyond mere cleaning. It actively preserves your surfaces, extending their lifespan and maintaining their aesthetic appeal for years.

  • Investment in Your Home: Regular use can significantly prolong the lifespan and beauty of your surfaces, ensuring they look as good as new for years to come.

The TopCoat® Home Kit is more than just a set of cleaning products; it's a comprehensive approach to home care, blending efficiency, economy, and effectiveness to redefine what it means to keep a clean and beautiful home.

Individual Product Information:

HPS - High-Performance Surface Cleaner

  • Universal Application: Safe and effective on wood, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl, leather, and more.
  • Deep Cleaning & Polishing: Removes dirt while restoring surface brilliance.
  • Surface Sealing: Creates a protective coating that bonds to the surface and itself, enhancing durability with each use.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Water-based, non-flammable, and gentle on sensitive materials.
  • Surface Bonding: Each application strengthens the protective layer, reducing future cleaning effort.

SSP - Stainless Steel Polish

  • Lasting Shine: Revives and maintains stainless steel's original luster without greasiness.
  • Fingerprint Resistance: Seals surfaces to prevent smudges and debris adherence.
  • Corrosion Protection: Shields against food, oil, water spots, and corrosion.
  • Self-Bonding Technology: Strengthens with every application, making maintenance easier over time.

Gla-C - Glass Cleaner and Polish

  • Crystal Clear Finish: Ideal for windows, shower glass, and mirrors, leaving no streaks.
  • Water Spot Prevention: Seals glass surfaces to combat water spots, perfect for shower enclosures.
  • Dirt Repellent: Repels dirt and dust, keeping windows cleaner for longer.
  • Versatile Use: Safe for various glass types, including sensitive materials like vinyl and acrylic.

16” Professional Microfiber Towels

  • General Cleaning Use: Ideal for applying product on various surfaces.
  • Ultra-Soft & Absorbent: 350 GSM medium pile microfiber ensures a scratch-free application and high absorbency.
  • Durable and Reusable: Washable for repeated use, retaining effectiveness.

18” Premium Microfiber Towels

  • Polishing & Buffing: designed specifically for polishing, buffing and bringing out luster in a surface.
  • Ultra-Soft & Absorbent: 400 GSM High pile microfiber ensures a scratch-free application and high absorbency.
  • Durable and Reusable: Washable for repeated use, retaining effectiveness.

Why Choose TopCoat® Home Kit?

  • All-in-One Solution: A comprehensive kit for cleaning, polishing, and sealing various home surfaces.
  • Enhanced Protection: Each product creates a durable, bonding seal, offering lasting protection.
  • Professional Grade Results: Advanced technologies ensure professional-level care with minimal effort.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: All home kit products are formulated without VOCs or hazardous solvents, safe for your home and the planet.

    Upgrade to the TopCoat® Home Kit for a home that not only shines brighter but also enjoys superior protection and ease of maintenance.

    how to use


    • Apply HPS: Lightly spray HPS onto the surface or onto a 16” Professional Microfiber Towel.
    • Wipe and Clean: Gently wipe the surface with the towel, using circular motions to lift and remove dirt.
    • Buff for Shine: For added shine and a protective layer, use an 18” Premium Microfiber Towel to buff the surface.

    Note: Ensure the surface is free of heavy dirt or grime. For extremely dirty surfaces, pre-clean with a mild cleaner. Tip: Regular application enhances the protective layer and shine.


    • Apply SSP: Mist SSP directly onto the stainless steel surface or onto a 16” Professional Microfiber Towel.
    • Polish Gently: Wipe the surface evenly with the towel, ensuring full coverage.
    • Buff to Brilliance: Use an 18” Premium Microfiber Towel to buff the surface to a high shine and activate the protective seal.

    Note: For heavily soiled stainless steel, clean the surface before applying SSP. Tip: Reapply periodically to maintain a fingerprint-resistant and protective coating.


    • Spray Gla-C: Apply Gla-C directly onto the glass or onto a 16” Professional Microfiber Towel.
    • Wipe Across: Clean the glass with the towel in a side-to-side motion for even coverage.
    • Achieve a Streak-Free Finish: Buff the glass with an 18” Premium Microfiber Towel for a streak-free, polished look.

    Tip: Use on shower glass to prevent water spots and on windows to repel dirt, keeping them cleaner longer.


    • Use the Right Towel: Utilize the specific microfiber towels included in the kit for each product to ensure the best results.
    • Less is More: A small amount of product goes a long way. Over-application can lead to streaking or residue.
    • Regular Maintenance: Frequent use enhances the performance and longevity of the protective coatings.

    With the TopCoat® Home Kit, you're not just cleaning – you're elevating the care and appearance of your home's surfaces.


    1. What surfaces can I use HPS on?

    HPS is incredibly versatile and safe for use on wood, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl, leather, and more. It's designed to clean, polish, and protect a wide range of surfaces in your home both inside and out.

    2. Is SSP suitable for all types of stainless steel appliances?

    Yes, SSP is formulated for all stainless steel surfaces. It polishes and protects kitchen appliances, sinks, and even outdoor grills, leaving a shiny, fingerprint-resistant finish without any tint or greasy finish.

    3. Can Gla-C be used on tinted windows or mirrors?

    Absolutely! Gla-C is safe and effective on all glass surfaces, including tinted windows and mirrors. It leaves a streak-free shine and adds a protective layer against dirt and water spots.

    4. How do the microfiber towels in the Home Kit enhance the application of the products?

    The Home Kit includes two types of microfiber towels, each designed for specific tasks. The 16” Professional Microfiber Towels are ideal for general cleaning use across various surfaces. They are ultra-soft and absorbent with a 350 GSM medium pile, ensuring a scratch-free application. The 18” Premium Microfiber Towels are designed specifically for polishing and buffing, bringing out the luster in surfaces. These are ultra-soft and absorbent as well, with a 400 GSM high pile for superior performance. Both types of towels are durable, reusable, and maintain their effectiveness even after repeated washes.

    5. How often should I reapply the products in the Home Kit?

    For best results, regular application is recommended. The frequency depends on the surface usage – high-traffic areas might benefit from more frequent applications to maintain protection and shine. Our basic rule is…when you clean use the appropriate TopCoat product and you’re good to go.

    6. Are the products in the Home Kit safe for surfaces in contact with food?

    Yes, all the products in the Home Kit are formulated to be safe around food preparation areas. They are non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals, making them suitable for kitchen surfaces.

    7. Can I use these products outdoors as well as indoors?

    Yes, the Home Kit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether it's kitchen countertops, outdoor grills, exterior windows, fireplaces or concrete seating the products provide excellent cleaning and protective qualities.

    8. How do I wash and maintain the microfiber towels?

    The microfiber towels should be washed separately in cold water and then dried on low heat or allowed to air dry. Avoid fabric softeners as they can clog the microfibers and reduce their effectiveness.

    9. Will SSP prevent all fingerprints and smudges on stainless steel?

    SSP will prevent the vast majority of fingerprints and smudges, but it may not prevent them from a really dirty or greasy hand. Regular use and layered applications of SSP will enhance its effectiveness and make cleaning such marks much easier.

    10. Can I purchase the products in the Home Kit separately?

    Yes, while the Home Kit offers a bundled solution for convenience and for a discounted price, each product – HPS, SSP, and Gla-C – is also available for individual purchase.