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Crystaleen® PRO Kit

TopCoat® CRYSTALEEN® is a Professional Ceramic Coating.

Crystaleen® is our proprietary & patented professional ceramic coating that is glass like & permanent, lasting 5+ years with a single application. 

If you want the best here it is. Once sold only too certified dealerships, Crystaleen® was professionally applied to all new and used cars, backed by our 5 year unconditional warranty against any environmental damage. Now, you can buy and apply this same coating technology without the hassle & expense of paying $1500 or more to have it professional applied!

Advanced technology:

  • 7H Hardness, Improves Scratch Resistance
  • 5+ Years of Lasting Performance & Protection
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic
  • Flexes & Bends - Will not Crack, Peel, Flake, Chip, or Discolor
  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Multi-Use & Multi-Surface Coverage
  • Continuously Layers Adding Protection With Each Application
  • Repels Dust & Dirt For Easy Maintenance
  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistant
  • Patented Molomer® Infused Silica Technology
  • Positive Surface Charge Repels Dust & Dirt
  • Provides Improved Optical Clarity & Shine
  • Mitigates Microbial Growth
  • Safe on Clear Coats, Matte Finishes, PPF, Wraps, Carbon Fiber, Vinyl, Acrylic, Plastic, All-Metal, Wood, Glass
  • Renews Lightly Oxidized Surfaces
  • Made in the USA


This Kit Contains:

1 - 8oz Crystaleen® Stage 1 Sealant
1 - 8oz Crystaleen® Stage 2 Curing Solution
1 - 16oz TopCoat® F11PRO® Ceramic
1 - TopCoat® MycroPro 2"x3" Applicator Pad
4 - TopCoat® MycroPro 18" Premium Detail Mycrofiber Towels

Shipping Restrictions: This product ships ground, if you're in another country, additional shipping charges apply.

Disclaimer: This product has a shelf life of 2 years average, and a pot life of 6-8 months once opened.  Read the Directions section for product details.