September 14, 2022 3 min read

What Technologies does TopCoat® F11® Have Making It One of the Best Sealants on the Market?

The advancements of technology have made their way into detailing products. More specifically, TopCoat® has utilized many recent technology advancements in TopCoat® F11® making it one of the best sealants on the market.

Technology is Why you want TopCoat® F11® vs. Competitors

Being in the business for over two decades, TopCoat® has the proven research and development to take advantage of the latest technology to produce a groundbreaking product in TopCoat® F11®. In fact, TopCoat® F11® utilizes multiple technologies in one product that remains safe for virtually any surface thanks to it being free of solvents or abrasive compounds and being a water-based product.

You’d be hard pressed to find sealant or detailing products that utilize multiple technologies in one product. TopCoat® F11® uses many different technologies that place it above the rest performing at a level to provide the best long-lasting protection while remaining safe to apply to countless surface types, including the exterior and interior of your automobile.

The many technologies used in TopCoat® F11® aren’t just made-up terms. They are legitimate technologies, some of which are exclusive to TopCoat® F11® that others may try to replicate in many different products but never in just one product that does it all. TopCoat® F11® prides itself on being a product that revolutionizes the detailing industry by doing it all in one product. 

You may ask, what does TopCoat® F11® do with all these technologies?

Self-Healing Technology – TopCoat® F11® can fill in micro-scratches when a treated surface is placed in the sunlight. The sunlight activates the surface and TopCoat® F11® essentially fills in voids, or the micro-scratches and micro-cracks on surfaces using a fluid wetting process. Ultimately, the sun regenerates the coating to fill in the micro-scratches ultimately giving you new-looking paint. 

H2O-SIO2 Technology – SiO2 is a silicon oxide that’s made up of a structure like CO2 and is found in nature as quartz. In a water-based (H2O) product like TopCoat® F11®, SiO2 leaves a protected hydrophobic coating that resists elements, such as water, dust, dirt, road grime, etc. TopCoat® F11® combines the advancements of H2O-SiO2 technology to provide a microscopic protective layer in each application giving F11® its primary protective qualities. 

MycroGlide Technology – MycroGlide Technology is one of many technologies exclusive to TopCoat® F11® which has characteristics to reduce surface tension and friction. MycroGlide technology essentially offers easy release and non-stick properties preventing elements from sticking to a treated surface and ultimately stay cleaner, longer.

Self-Leveling Technology – Self-Leveling technology in TopCoat® F11® gives an application the ability to fill in micropores in paint and other surfaces to seal out elements. Every surface has imperfections. Many of those imperfections come from microcracks and micropores, which naturally allow elements to become trapped. By using TopCoat® F11® it will level itself out across those imperfections to seal them and prevent elements from becoming trapped.

Water-based Formula Technology – Most sealant products on the market make claims to be eco-friendly but in fact are not because they use harsh chemicals that may be dangerous to the environment, people, and pets. When a formula is truly water-based, it is safe and at the same time safe to apply to many different surfaces because it lacks abrasives and solvents, which can be damaging to paint or sensitive surfaces. Through over 20 years of development and experience, TopCoat® F11® is one of the few formulas on the market that can make the water-based formula claim.

Hydrophobic Technology – A good sealant isn’t worth your time if it is not hydrophobic. By using many other technologies and the advanced H2O-SiO2 technology, TopCoat® F11® is extremely hydrophobic, which sheds water and resists other elements on treated surfaces. TopCoat® F11®’s hydrophobic technology is groundbreaking in that it comes out of a product that is water-based and eco-friendly.

Multi-Use/Multi-Coating Technology – Never before has there been a sealant product that can perform so many tasks and be applied to virtually any surface without worry of damage or the product lasting a long time. The multi-use and multi-coating technology of TopCoat® F11® protects just about any surface, including paint, clearcoats, fabric, plastics, metal, glass, acrylic, and more.

What sets TopCoat® F11® apart from the rest are many highlighted technologies listed below

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