September 14, 2022 3 min read

TopCoat® F11® is One of the Safest Sealants on the Market

There are countless detailing and sealant products on the current market that make frivolous claims of being eco-friendly or safe when it comes to taking care of the environment. Moreover, many inferior products claim to have a chemical composition that’s safe for kids, pets, and a multitude of surfaces. The fact behind many of those products is that they cannot back up the claim of truly being eco-friendly or safe for use around kids and pets or on different surface types. TopCoat® F11® is one of the only products on the market that has a proven track record of being among the safest sealants on the market touting a water-based eco-friendly formula that is also effective and long-lasting. 

In the nearly 2 decades of its existence utilizing the best technology around, TopCoat® has perfected the formula of F11® and kept it safe for a multi-use / multi-coating product that essentially replaces 8 to 12 detailing products. Through research and development over the span of two decades, TopCoat® F11® features a safe and effective formula that can be used on any surface proven to be safe even with a water-based SIO2 formula. The formulation of F11, even though it’s water-based, still protects for 6 to 8 months, is easy to apply using MycroGlide technology, uses self-healing technology, has self-leveling technology to fill micropores in paint surfaces, and is extremely hydrophobic to resist water, dirt, grime, and even road debris.

Never before has the technology of a SIO2 formula been used where there are no harsh chemicals, abrasives, solvents, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and can be effectively used on any surface without fear of cracking, peeling, fading, or causing any type of damage to a surface. Not only is TopCoat® F11® safe for use on multiple surfaces, but it is environmentally friendly in that it does not harm people or pets, which is part of its eco-safe water-based formulation.

Don’t Get It Confused – TopCoat® F11® is both a water-based and eco-friendly formulation that still lasts a long time

We don’t want you to get confused with the idea of TopCoat® F11® not being as effective as you think it should all because it has a water-based and eco-friendly formulation. Through advanced technologies, TopCoat® is able to create an advanced H20-SIO2 formulation that still cleans, restores, and protects any surface. Not only does TopCoat® F11® have these fundamental properties in a water-based formula but it has many other technological advancements that make TopCoat® F11® last a long time and can be layered for even longer-lasting properties.

There’s no comparison when it comes to TopCoat® F11® being an effective long-lasting sealant and one that is among the safest on the market.

We have one earth that we call home, and we need to protect it. TopCoat® is always mindful of the environment and products like TopCoat® F11® have many characteristics that help keep our attribute to a better and safer ecosystem. Our products like TopCoat® F11® and many others are water-based and can be used as a waterless detailing product, further attributing to water conservation and preventing run-off of harsh chemicals. Want to know the easiest way to wash your car that’s been treated with TopCoat F11? Let it rain on it! It’s that simple and environmentally friendly.

If you ever walk into an automotive store, you see countless shelves laced with products that have huge warning labels with advisories to be cautious about the chemicals included in the product. Many times, those chemicals can cause illnesses, irritations, are harmful to pets and other wildlife, and may run off and contaminate your local drains and cause unforeseen damage to the ecosystem. Not to mention, some products cause damage to certain surfaces and are essentially one-surface-type-use products. With products like TopCoat® F11® you never have to worry about those issues, and you are safe to use it on virtually any surface type.

With TopCoat® F11®, everything is better, including it being one of the safest sealant products on the market.