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How to Protect and Maintain Your Bicycle / Scooter with TopCoat® Products All Year Long

Bicycles and scooters often don’t get the necessary attention they deserve for cleaning and protecting them from dirt, dust, and grime they collect when you ride or store them away. A bicycle and scooter have many exposed parts that may age prematurely if they are not cleaned and properly protected.

Because bicycles and scooters are stored in garages, sheds, or sometimes left on a porch, they hardly ever are properly cleaned and maintained. TopCoat® products, such as TopCoat® F11®, TopCoat® F11PRO®, PolyWash®, Spritz®, TireDress®, and others, can all be used safely to help preserve and protect the vulnerable parts of your bicycle or scooter for many months or years.

Use TopCoat® Products to Clean Every Part of Your Bicycle or Scooter and Protect it From the Elements

Cleaning and Prep

Cleaning a bicycle or scooter is usually a more involved process due to the many small cervices or hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, bicycles and scooters have several different materials that are all exposed to the elements where they are vulnerable to collecting dirt, dust, and grime over time. It doesn’t take long for a bicycle or scooter stored in a hot garage or shed to collect caked-on dust and dirt. Using TopCoat® products like TopCoat® F11®, TopCoat® F11PRO® TopCoat® PolyWash®, TopCoat® Spritz®, and TopCoat® TireDress® are all safe for use on all bicycles and scooter parts, even on the chains. 

For cleaning and prepping the surfaces of your bicycle or scooter, we recommend using TopCoat® PolyWash®. TopCoat® PolyWash® is a water-based formula that doesn’t use any solvents or abrasive compounds making it safe for virtually every component of your bicycle or scooter, including the gear sprockets and chain-link components that are exposed to weathering elements. 

TopCoat® PolyWash® comes in an ultra-concentrated formula that allows you to use as little as 1oz per gallon of water. Using TopCoat®’s LuvGluv® will help to easily apply products like TopCoat® PolyWash® or TopCoat® F11® to clean and protect the many hard-to-reach crevasses of a bicycle or scooter. The LuvGluv® conforms to any size hand and allows you to get in those tight spaces to clean them and apply products like TopCoat® F11® to protect them for many months to come from the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime.

Protecting and Maintaining

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your bicycle or scooter using TopCoat® PolyWash®, you can then apply TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® to just about any part of your bicycle or scooter. TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® are the perfect formula for maintaining your bicycle or scooter’s many parts, including the shiny painted surfaces like the frame. TopCoat® F11® is a water-based and eco-friendly formula that is safe for all surfaces of a bicycle or scooter, including the paint on the frame, metal, chrome, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, and more. TopCoat® F11® is long-lasting and extremely hydrophobic to repel water thus making the treated surfaces of your bicycle or scooter clean longer because TopCoat® F11® repels water, dust, and dirt. For even longer-lasting protection, try TopCoat® F11PRO®, which lasts 12+ months from just one application with several added benefits that elevates all the features of TopCoat® F11®.

TopCoat® F11® is an eco-friendly water-based formula that doesn’t have any solvents or abrasive compounds. The ease of applying TopCoat® F11® is part of its unique ultra glide technology. TopCoat® F11® also uses SiO2 technology to provide a hydrophobic layer and is the first of its kind to be self-healing, helping to protect your bicycle or scooter from harsh elements or build-up when you store it away.

To further protect and maintain your bicycle or scooter and its many different parts, you can use TopCoat® TireDress® to treat your bicycle or scooter tires and other rubber parts. TopCoat® TireDress® uses a safe formula and an anti-sling technology that not only prevents the product from slinging onto other surfaces when you ride your bicycle or scooter, but it lasts a long time and doesn’t wash off from rain or puddles.

Use TopCoat® Spritz® for those quick detailing times where you may want to quickly wipe down your bicycle or scooter before you ride or just after a ride just before you store it away for a short period of time. Using TopCoat® F11® for a quick wipe down will ultimately provide a longer-lasting protective coating.

NOTE: *Depending on the type of bicycle or scooter, you may need to consult your manufacturer or owner’s manual for proper cleaning and protecting the chain or gear sprockets. Some chains or gears require specialized oiling for proper maintenance and care.

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