September 14, 2022 2 min read

Yes, TopCoat® F11® Can Be Used in The Interior of Your Car

When it comes to a sealant to protect the surfaces of your vehicle, there are many choices on the current market, but none can make the claims of being a multi-use, multi-surface coating that’s safe to use on virtually any surface of your car including the interior, except TopCoat® F11®.

TopCoat® F11® uses two decades of research, development, and real-world experience to improve upon a formula that’s safe and effective for use on a multitude of surfaces. Not only is TopCoat® F11® safe for use on just about every exterior surface of your car but it can be used inside of your vehicle to provide long-lasting protection and shine.

Because of the eco-friendly water-based formulation of TopCoat® F11®, it is safe for use throughout your vehicle’s interior, which includes use on the dashboard, plastics, carbon fiber, aluminum, other metals, and many other hard and soft-touch surfaces. We do not recommend use on leather or vinyl seating surfaces as those surfaces may become slick and could cause safety issues. 

Optimal Protection on Interiors, Too

The protective qualities of TopCoat® F11® don’t change when you use it on the interior of your car, truck, or SUV. In fact, TopCoat® F11®’s technologies, such as its H2O-SIO2 formulation, MycroGlide technology, self-leveling tech, and self-healing tech, all are just as effective for interiors as they are for the exterior of your vehicle. That means you have the same level of protection to fill in micropores in interior surfaces like smooth plastics, hard plastics, painted surfaces, hard trim pieces, metal trim, and more. 

The huge benefit of using TopCoat® F11® is that it is one product that does it all for protecting your vehicle’s interior. You can almost think of TopCoat® F11® acting as a Scotchguard for many interior surface types, even your trim and dashboard fabrics can be treated using TopCoat® F11® to keep them clean from the many elements that may encounter. Those elements may be the result of dirt, grime, or moisture from rolling down your windows or spilling a drink inside your vehicle. TopCoat® F11® has you covered and protected! 

When you treat and protect your vehicle’s interior using TopCoat® F11® you will ultimately save time and money by having surfaces that are easier to maintain. Fundamentally, your interior will remain clean longer and save you time when you choose to clean the interior because of the technologies and hydrophobic properties of TopCoat® F11® that resist and repel water, dirt, dust, grime, and other unwanted elements. Basically, there will be no need to ever wash or thoroughly clean your interior again.

No worry, no damage, no residue 

The eco-friendly aspects of TopCoat® F11® lessen your worry that sensitive surfaces of your interior are harmed by harsh chemicals. TopCoat® F11® doesn’t have any harsh or abrasive chemicals, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and best of all, it is a clear formula without any unsightly white polish residue that’s left behind in cracks or embedding in plastics like other inferior sealers may leave behind.

The difference is clear, and it’s TopCoat® F11® - safe and effective for use in the interior of your vehicle.