September 14, 2022 3 min read

Yes, TopCoat® F11® Can Be Used in The Interior of Your Boat

There’s often a misconception about the uses of certain sealant products and many of them are inferior in that they cannot be safely used on multiple surfaces or the interior of something like a car or boat. Currently, there are not many choices on the market for a sealant that can be safely and effectively used for the interior of a boat, except TopCoat® F11®.

TopCoat® F11® has over two decades of research, development, and real-world use experience to have an improved formula that’s safe and effective for use on all types of surfaces. TopCoat® F11® can even be used for interiors of boats, not only being effective for helping to protect and keep the hull of your boat clean but to also treat the interior of your boat to help protect it from the elements and keep it clean longer.

Boats are exposed to extreme elements out on the water and even when they are docked or in use. Many times, boat interiors are an after-thought when it comes to keeping them clean as many owners tend to give the hull the most attention, which is understandable because that is the part of the boat that gets beat up with elements from salt or fresh water from rivers, lakes, creeks, marsh, and the ocean.

Optimal Protection for all surfaces in Boat Interiors

Keeping the interior of a boat clean can be a challenge, especially when most boats have their interior directly exposed to outdoor elements and most boat interiors do not have a cover or are enclosed. Because the interior of most boats is exposed to harsh elements such as the sun, salt spray, dirty water, grime, body sweat, fish guts, you name it, you’ll want to do all you can to prevent all those elements from settling in to cause corrosion, stain, or damage your boat interior. TopCoat® F11® is one product that does it all to safely coat and treat the interior surfaces of your boat, including plastics, eisenglass, plexiglass, chrome, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, gelcoat, vinyl, and even cloth, fabric, and more. 

The many technologies and protective qualities of TopCoat® F11® are the same even when you use them for the interior of your boat. Through TopCoat® F11®’s H2O-SIO2 formulation, MycroGlide technology, self-leveling technology, and self-healing tech, it’s effective enough to tackle the many different surface types found in a boat’s interior while providing long-lasting protection to resist water, dirt, grime, and other harsh elements. The extreme hydrophobic elements of TopCoat® F11® will help keep your boat’s interior clean longer by warding off water and elements that boat interiors are often exposed to.

While we don’t necessarily recommend the use of TopCoat® F11® on some leather or vinyl seating surfaces as they may become slick, you may still use the product to help protect some seating surfaces or removable seat cushions for your boat’s interior. 

TopCoat® F11® is eco-friendly and safe for use on all surfaces of Boat interiors

You don’t have to worry about causing damage or discoloration to the many surfaces of your boat’s interior using TopCoat® F11®. Because TopCoat® F11® is a water-based formula that’s eco-friendly and void of any harsh abrasives, chemicals, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), it can be safely used on virtually anything. TopCoat® F11® is a clear formula that never leaves any unsightly white polish residue that’s generally left behind in cracks or embedded in plastics like other inferior sealers or waxes.

The difference is clear, and it’s TopCoat® F11® - safe and effective for use in the interior of your boat.