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March 08, 2023 3 min read

Spritz™ and F11®: The Perfect Partners

Spritz™ and F11® have been specially formulated to work perfectly together.  

In today’s article, we’ll discuss when you should use F11®, when you should use Spritz™, and how to get the most out of both products when you use them together to keep your vehicle looking great all the time!

When to use F11®

  • F11® is designed to be a professional-level detailing product. It replaces traditional detailing methods like waxing. Not only does F11® give your vehicle’s finish an amazing 3-D shine, but it also works to restore microscopic surface imperfections that tend to show up like swirl marks or spiderwebs.
  • F11® bonds to the surface of your vehicle to provide protection that lasts for 3-6 months. It also layers in order to provide an even greater level of protection for your finish. 
  • F11® provides a layer of protection that will NOT wash off! It can also be used to clean your vehicle (though if it’s been a particularly long time since you washed your vehicle, we do recommend you start by using PolyWash™)
  • TopCoat® F11® is easy to apply by hand (no special equipment needed) and takes far less time than traditional washing and waxing.
  • F11® is an all-in-one product designed to give you professional-level results and provide unmatched protection against everything that the road can throw at you.

This is why we say that F11® is the best product out there to CLEAN, SHINE, RESTORE, and PROTECT your vehicle.

Be sure to check out our detailed article on the best way to apply F11®.

When to use Spritz™

Spritz™ was designed to be the best quick detailing product on the market. 

  • It replaces all the dry/waterless car wash products on the market.
  • You reach for your bottle of Spritz™ when you want to get a super-quick, mirror-like shine, but only have a couple of minutes to get it done. 
  • We like to call it your “date-night cleaner” for when you’re all dressed up and ready to go, but realize that your vehicle needs a quick spruce up!
  •  But in contrast to the other silicone-based, quick detailers that are out there, Spritz™ not only shines up your vehicle in mere minutes but also acts as a sealer. This means that you get the look you’re after, but you’re also getting some protection for your finish as well. While it does provide some protection, it doesn’t last quite as long as F11® (more on that soon).
And because Spritz™ is water-based, you can confidently apply it to any surface on your vehicle and know that it won’t ruin your plastic, rubber, or anything else (don’t try that with the other guys!) We’ve also found Spritz™ to be an amazing quick cleaner for your glass, giving it that “invisible” look. 

Spritz™ is the perfect product for when you don’t have the time but still want the shine.

TopCoat® F11® and Spritz™ are perfect together

So here’s how these 2 products go together.

You use F11® as the foundation for restoring and protecting your finish. F11® can also work to clean a vehicle that is slightly dirty. Once you get your magical three layers of F11® on your vehicle, we recommend reapplying every 3 months.

But in that time, that mirror shine may dull a little, or your vehicle might get slightly dirty. This is the perfect time top use Spritz™ to give it that touch up in between applications of F11®. You may even be able to go a little longer between applications of F11®. Spritz™ will make sure that you keep that amazing depth of color and deep shine when you don’t have 20-30 minutes for a full coating of F11®.

It’s also great for touching up your windshield when it gets smudges or fingerprints on it. 

To wrap things up: When you need a deeper clean or an extra layer of long-term protection for your vehicle, reach for your bottle of F11® To keep your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor and extend the life of each F11® layer, grab your bottle of Spritz™.

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