October 04, 2022 2 min read

TopCoat® Crystaleen® Technology: The Only Ceramic That Can Layer

Ceramic coating has taken the detailing world by storm and many enthusiasts consider it an essential step for protecting their investment in a car, SUV, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, plane, etc. when it comes to keeping the exterior clean. In the ceramic coating industry, there’s a lot of contradicting and misleading information and many ceramic products that are inferior to others, especially when it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) ceramic coatings.

One aspect of DIY ceramic coatings that is missing is the ability to layer the coating, which thus far TopCoat® Crystaleen® is the only one that can make the claim of being able to be layered.

Layering a coating is a good thing if you’re wondering. Allowing a ceramic coating to be layered provides added protection and the long-lasting expectations that ceramic coatings provide.

TopCoat® Crystaleen® not only has many added benefits over DIY ceramic coatings, but it can continuously be layered by reapplying the coating through the same process of using the easy 2-step process. Through the use of the proprietary TopCoat® Molomer technology, Crystaleen® has superior bonding capabilities being able to bond to itself and many other substrates, and a protection agent. Moreover, TopCoat® Crystaleen® has a 7H hardness allowing it to flex and bend with the surface preventing cracking, peeling, chipping, whitening, or oxidizing. Don’t let the 7H hardness fool you! There’s really no such thing as 9H hardness in ceramics and if it is, it will easily crack and chip off the surface leaving a vehicle’s (car, SUV, truck, boat, motorcycle, plane, ATV, etc) paint unprotected and essentially waste your money. Speaking of money, professional ceramic jobs can cost upwards of $1,500 or more. TopCoat® Crystaleen® with its layering technology adds the benefits of a DIY product that costs just a fraction of many others still provides proven professional results that last 5 years or more.

The easy and quick 2-stage application process of TopCoat® Crystaleen® is easy enough for virtually anyone to use. You get professional results in a DIY product that permits the ability to layer the product providing many years of protection to mitigate microbial growth, renew an oxidized surface, create a positive-charged surface to repel dust and dirt, and create an extremely hydrophobic, oleophobic, chemical resistant, & UV stable surface that repels water and many other liquids.

One coating of Crystaleen® provides protection for 5+ years. By layering TopCoat® Crystaleen® you could expand the long-lasting protection of Crystaleen. There’s no other DIY ceramic product on the market that allows you to layer! Some ceramic coatings make a claim of offering layering but often say the layers should be applied with restraint. Fundamentally, ceramic coatings resist the application of other products on top because it is an agent that repels chemicals. Therefore, technically you cannot layer most ceramic coatings as additional layers will not adhere to an already-treated surface. TopCoat® Crystaleen® is revolutionary in this aspect allowing a layering through its Molomer technology. 

See the difference for yourself in TopCoat® Crystaleen®, an easy DIY ceramic coating that you can layer and is made to last 5 years or more at a fraction of the price of professionally applied ceramic coatings.