October 04, 2022 3 min read

Yes, TopCoat® F11® Can Be Used in The Interior of Your RV

To help bring home the fact of TopCoat® F11® being one of the most versatile sealants on the market, it can be used in the interiors of many things, including the interior of your Recreational Vehicle (RV). In the current market for sealants and many detailing products, there aren’t many choices that can be safely and effectively used for the interior of an RV, except TopCoat® F11®.

RVs tend to be exposed to many different elements, especially when they are out on the road. When it comes to the interior of RVs, the many materials used throughout will certainly get dirty over time where people may track in dirt and the surfaces get exposed to many other countless things just like the inside of your house. Fundamentally, RVs serve as your home away from home and you will do everything inside of the RV from sleeping to eating and even showering, among other things that you do in the bathroom. Over a short period of time an RV’s interior will get dirty and require cleaning. Fortunately, there are products like TopCoat® F11® that will help preserve a clean RV interior by resisting dirt, water, grime, and other elements that such a vehicle is exposed to when it’s out on the road or parked at the nearest RV park.

The Best Protection for all surfaces of RV Interiors

TopCoat® F11® combines real-world use and over two decades of research and development for a formula that’s safe and effective for use on virtually any surface. The development of TopCoat® F11® makes it safe for use in the interior of your RV, which you’ll want to prevent applying harsh chemicals or abrasives that can be harmful to you, your family, or even your pets. The water-based formulation of TopCoat® F11® and not having any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or harmful chemicals make it safe to apply to all types of surfaces, including plastics, eisenglass, plexiglass, chrome, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, gelcoat, vinyl, and even cloth, fabric, and more.

The several technologies used in TopCoat® F11® apply to using them in the interior of an RV, such as the H2O-SIO2 formulation, MycroGlide® technology, self-leveling technology, and self-healing technology. Such technologies make TopCoat® F11® effective for use on RV interior surfaces, which will ultimately provide the best protection to keep surfaces cleaner longer and rejuvenate the surfaces by filling in micro-scratches and adding a hydrophobic layer to resist elements.

We don’t necessarily recommend the use of TopCoat® F11® on some leather or vinyl seating surfaces as they may become slick. However, TopCoat® F11® can still be used to protect various seating areas or removable seat cushions and surfaces commonly found in RVs.

Keep The Interior of your RV just as clean as the inside of your home

Because RVs are your home away from home, you’ll want to keep it just as clean or cleaner than the inside of your home. RVs are harder to keep clean because of the many different elements they are exposed to on the road and in various RV parks that may have dirt and mud parking areas. All that grime may easily be tracked into your RV along with it getting dirty over time through simple use. Using TopCoat® F11® on almost every surface in the interior of your RV is the safest and most effective way of applying a sealant that resists water, dirt, grime, dust, and other unwanted elements. There’s nothing else like TopCoat® F11®!

Because TopCoat® F11® is a water-based formula that’s eco-friendly and void of any harsh abrasives, chemicals, or VOCs, it can be safely used on virtually anything. TopCoat® F11® is a clear formula that never leaves any unsightly white polish residue that’s generally left behind in cracks or embedded in plastics like other inferior sealers or waxes. So, you never have to worry about the interior of your RV being harmed in any way using TopCoat® F11®.

The difference is clear, and it’s TopCoat® F11® - safe and effective for use in the interior of your RV.