March 21, 2022 6 min read

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Spring Ready & Protected With TopCoat® Products:

Spring is in the air and it’s time to ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained, cleaned, and protected for the spring season. Spring brings us April showers and May flowers! As well as many car shows and opportunities to break out your pride & joy. You’ll want your vehicles to be in tip-top operating shape while keeping a show room worthy finish and protection from the spring elements.

Cleaning your car can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but having the right products and tools can make the process easier and smoother. TopCoat® has been in the business of providing some of the best detailing and coating products for over 20 years that make the process of prepping your vehicle for the springtime easier and assure that you chose the right product to protect your vehicle, not just during spring but all year long.

Below are the essential steps to get your vehicle spring ready with proper preventative measures including maintenance, cleaning, and protection.

Wash Your Vehicle– The first and most important step to ensure your vehicle is ready for springtime is to give it a thorough wash.

Cleaning your vehicle with TopCoat® PolyWash® will ensure that all of the winter elements are washed away whether it be winter salt that causes rust and corrosion, built-up elements from snow, road grime, dirt, and even caked-on dust that may have collected if you stored your vehicle away or used it during the brutal winter months.

TopCoat® PolyWash® is safe for any exterior surface of your automobile. TopCoat® PolyWash’s® MycroBond coating leaves behind a water-repellent protective shine to help ensure your vehicle remains cleaner longer through the spring months.

To make your wash even easier, you can use our TopCoat® Mycro-WashMitt™ to wash your vehicle, easily reaching those tight spaces and crevices, in addition to using our high-quality TopCoat® Ginourmous Premium MycroDrying towels to dry the vehicle quickly and effortlessly with one towel, or apply TopCoat® F11® with our industry first MycroGlove™ called our LuvGluv®, reaching hard to get areas, low panels, and tight crevices without worry of it falling on the ground!

After washing your vehicle, it is best to protect your cleaned surfaces with TopCoat® F11®, which is a safe water-based formula with no abrasive compounds. TopCoat® F11® is a multi-purpose sealer that coats, restores, and protects all surfaces, inside and out, leaving a barrier that is extremely hydrophobic, and packed with technologies not found in other products like our proprietary MycroGlide Technology that helps keep foreign debris, bird droppings, bugs, water marks, sap, road film, tar, and other environmental issues from damaging your sensitive surfaces like paint, plastic, glass, and chrome.  Formulated with the first sun activated regenerative self-healing coating technology that keeps paint always looking fresh and new every time the sun warms the surfaces, or our self-leveling characteristics that fills in ugly micro-scratches, swirls, and spiderweb marks that pop out when the sun shines on your paint, especially dark colors.   Coating features like this, including F11’s unique ability to literally renew any material to like new condition, wrapped up in one of the first SiO2 technology coatings on the market make for a long-lasting protection from the elements during and after the Spring months.  TopCoat® F11® was formulated to be the first product that can do it all from your paint, vinyl wrap, rubber, glass, plastic, metals, clearcoat, vinyl, chrome, carbon fiber, fabric, leather, and more, all in one product!  No wonder F11 out-performs any other product on the market and was voted the best detailing product ever and one that revolutionized the detailing industry forever as acclaimed by Ted Danson from Advancement’s TV. 

Inspect Your Tires – Your tires are one of the most important and commonly overlooked items on a car that you should check to ensure they are in their best shape with the proper air pressure.

Spring is the perfect time to ensure that your tires are in good condition and that you have switched back to summer or all-season tires from your winter set, unless you live in the south!  Usually, when temperatures change vastly from season to season, your air pressures change, too. The spring season gives us a chance to check those tire pressures, your tread wear, and thoroughly inspect your tires so you don’t have any easily preventable issues out on the open road when you take your freshly detailed car out for a spin. Spring is also a good time to check the dates on your tires to ensure they are no older than 6 years. If your tires are older than 6 years, you may consider replacing them as they could eventually lose their ability to perform optimally. Lastly, you can help protect your tires and leave them looking their best by using TopCoat® TireDress®TopCoat® TireDress® is designed to blacken your tire with a slight sheen without leaving a thick and greasy finish. Best of all, TopCoat® TireDress® has an anti-sling technology to stay on your tires and not your vehicle’s paint. TireDress® also has a hydrophobic formula making it resistant to all elements and won’t wash off with rain or puddles lasting for miles upon miles.

Check Your Wipers – The springtime brings us rain, and lots of it. You should make sure that your windshield wipers are in good shape and not brittle, tearing, or dried up from the previous seasons.

You can also help your visibility by coating your windshield with TopCoat® Gla-C®, which will provide a hydrophobic protective layer to repel water should you encounter a heavy downpour. Gla-C® also has MycroGlide technology to help prevent elements from sticking to your windshield giving your wipers an easy surface to wipe and keep clear in inclement weather.

Fun Facts: 1. You can actually use TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat Gla-C® to help protect and prolong the life of your wiper blades, keeping them from dry rotting due to the harsh elements and sun damage.  2. F11 will also maintain and keep any vehicle wraps in perfect condition, protecting it from the elements and the sun.  3. You can also use Gla-C to safely clean your window tint, keeping it in like new condition without worry of discoloring or drying it out, leaving a slick and smooth coating that also prevents scratching when operating the window up and down over time from debris logged in the window track.   The benefits are literally endless.   

Check Your Batteries – The battery in your automobile is an important item that you’ll want to ensure has the proper charge to start your vehicle and help run and power vehicle accessories. During the spring months, temperatures outside may vastly change and a battery that is on its way out could be susceptible to failure and leave you stranded. You may choose to use a battery tester or tender/charger before you head out during the spring months.

Top Off Your Fluids – Ensuring that all your fluids are topped off during the start of the spring season will help you avoid breakdowns, especially as temperatures heat up and work your vehicle a little harder.  Note:  You can actually add a half of an ounce of PolyWash® to your windshield washer fluid reservoir to help clean your glass easier in the winter months, and add a hydrophobic benefit to the glass for improved water shedding and visibility, keeping you and loved ones safer.

Maintain your vehicle throughout the spring and summer– Winter is very harsh on your car, but during the spring and summer your vehicle is subjected to different environmental conditions that can cause just as much damage if left unchecked, leading to looming issues to the surface.  Day by day, hour by hour, the environment is constantly weathering your vehicle.  Bird droppings, bug guts, sap, and other natural issues can damage any surface in days, especially due to their acidic nature, etching into the paint daily.  The sun can dry out anything, causing water marks in paint, UV degradation that discolors and cracks graphics, vinyl, plastic, and acrylics, or oxidizes paint, gelcoat, aluminum, and more.  Add all of this up and it becomes obvious our world is not a safe or friendly place, which is why it is so important to protect it.  We wear cloths, hats, sunscreen, and other products to keep us protected and safe from the elements, do the same for your vehicle and keep it safe and protected too by coating it and maintaining it with TopCoat F11! 

Remember, if you treat your vehicle good it will treat YOU good! Get out and have some fun, be safe on the road, and enjoy the spring season!