April 20, 2022 3 min read

Introducing TopCoat® F11PRO® – Making the Best, Better in One Product that Coats, Restores, Shines, and Protects all Surfaces for 12+ Months

TopCoat® F11® has already been a proven product for a long-lasting hydrophobic protectant and shine for various surfaces on cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, planes, ATVs, and more. Many have thought with TopCoat® F11® being the world’s first multi-use and multi-application coating on the market that’s also water-based, has SiO2 built-in, and has self-healing coating technology, that it couldn’t get any better. Well, now, we’re introducing TopCoat® F11PRO®, which takes all the benefits and proven formula of TopCoat® F11® and elevates its ability to give your finish a showroom shine and at the same time provide a sealed hydrophobic surface that repels water, dirt, and grime that lasts 12 months or more! 

TopCoat® F11PRO® improves on all the benefits that made TopCoat® F11® #1

Taking nearly two decades of research, development, testing, and ultimately perfecting the formula of TopCoat® F11®, we’ve been able to advance F11 to create TopCoat® F11PRO®, for professional results in detailing, sealing, and protecting a variety of surfaces. It’s one product that does it all and it is a proprietary functional ceramic for long-lasting protection. The proven eco-friendly water-based formula is also found in TopCoat® F11PRO® where it is safe to be applied to just about any surface without the risk of causing damage from harsh abrasive chemicals. The professional results of TopCoat® F11PRO® build upon what over one million customers have raved about in TopCoat® F11®.

You may ask yourself, how is it even possible to make F11 better? Well, the answer is cutting-edge technologies, innovative science, and our continuous passion to improve perfection. The goal here is to have one product that does it all, and that’s what you find in TopCoat® F11PRO®!

TopCoat® F11PRO® is a Functional Ceramic!

Fundamentally, we wanted to keep all the benefits and features that made TopCoat® F11® #1 yet take everything to the next level. As an example, F11PRO was developed as a non-permanent ceramic coating meaning you get all the benefits of a hard coat from a ceramic without the long-term problems or costs associated with ceramics and the daunting application process. Best of all, TopCoat® F11PRO® lasts for 12 months or more from each application!

Hydrophobicity on a new level!

TopCoat® F11® was already a trendsetter for being extremely hydrophobic to ward off water, dirt, grime, dust, and more. TopCoat® F11PRO® takes things to a new level and is even more hydrophobic with remarkable water shedding and beading capabilities on a variety of surfaces, including paint, metal, glass, rubber, plastic, wood, vinyl, and more. Best of all, the hydrophobic properties of TopCoat® F11PRO® will last for 12 months or more.

TopCoat® F11PRO® highlighted features and benefits 

  • Water-based formula, Eco-Safe!
  • No solvents or abrasive compounds making it safe for all paints and surfaces
  • Micro-hydrophobic leaving polished surfaces extremely hydrophobic to help resist water, bird poo, acids, rainwater, dirt, grime, dust, and more
  • Multi-purpose sealer that coats, restores, and protects all surfaces
  • SiO2 technology built-in
  • Ultra Glide Technology (non-stick coating characteristics leaving a buttery-smooth-to-the-touch surface reducing drag)
  • Long-lasting formula that provides protection for 12+ months with one application
  • All the benefits of a functional ceramic (non-permanent non-hardened ceramic)
  • Advanced Ionic bonding to virtually any surface for durability and resilience
  • Micro-Glide Technology
  • Fills some microscopic cracks, scratches, and swirl marks
  • Sun-activated self-healing technology
  • Self-leveling technology
  • Easy 2-step application that polishes surfaces in half the time (simply spray it on and hand buff it in)
  • Enhances the depth of color on painted and clearcoat surfaces
  • Surfaces are easier to maintain and keep clean
  • The more you use F11PRO, the more protection it offers
  • Detergent, chemical, and solvent resistant
  • Clear formula that doesn’t leave behind any white wax residue
  • Improved UV protection
  • One product does it all!

TopCoat® F11PRO® is a Self-Healing Coating

TopCoat® is a pioneer of having one product that does it all but is also an innovator of sun-activated self-healing technology that’s also found in TopCoat® F11PRO®. The self-healing properties of TopCoat® F11® are from a regenerative coating technology that may hide micro-scratches or swirl marks that may be visible to your naked eye. The self-healing properties of TopCoat® F11PRO® combined with the many highlighted features and benefits in one product is an industry first!

TopCoat® F11PRO® leaves a long-lasting impression

TopCoat® is known for pushing far past the boundaries of sealant coatings. TopCoat® F11® was proof of such a concept and with TopCoat® F11PRO® we’re leading the industry once again with TopCoat® F11PRO® that’s designed to last over a year with one application. That’s 12 months or more of protection for just about any surface. That means you get all the highlighted features and benefits of TopCoat® F11PRO® that lasts for one year or more saving you time, money, and the effort of applying a coating on your car, RV, boat, ATV, motorcycle, plane, and more.


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