October 04, 2022 3 min read

How to Help Keep Your Wheels Free of Brake Dust and Clean Longer

Often enough, wheels/rims are left out for getting special treatment when detailing and they tend to become dirty faster than other parts of the vehicle from brake dust and slung road dirt and grime. However, you can take a simple step to help keep your wheels clean longer by coating them with a trusted and proven sealant, such as TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®, that’s safe for all types of wheel/rim finishes.

Protecting Your Wheels/Rims with the Right Sealant Will Help Keep Them Clean

The wheels of your car, truck, SUV, Motorcycle, RV, or even your ATV are just important for receiving the proper detailing treatment to protect them with a sealant, so they also stay clean just like the paint of the vehicle. Wheels are prone to collecting dirt, mud, grime, and annoying brake dust. Many wheels have interesting and complicated designs making them difficult to clean or take a long time to detail because of all the crevasses. Cleaning and then protecting your wheels with a sealant like TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® will ultimately save you time, effort, and money in keeping your wheels clean for months at a time.

Quick Pro Tip: When washing your wheels using our specially formulated TopCoat® PolyWash®, use our exclusive TopCoat® LuvGluv® Hand Mycromitt to reach those tight crevasses of your wheels. You can also use a clean dry TopCoat® LuvGluv® when applying TopCoat® products to your wheels.

Because of breakthrough and revolutionary technologies and formulation of TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO®, they can be safely used on wheels of all types to keep them clean longer. The H2O-SIO2 and hydrophobic properties of TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® not only resist water, but resists road dirt, mud, grime, and brake dust. Brake dust happens to be the most common element to make a wheel dirty, especially on many high-performance vehicles and motorcycles. TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® are your protective barrier for resisting annoying brake dust and they make it easier to clean off brake dust on vehicles that tend to have more than others.

Why spend your time detailing and protecting your paint but leaving the wheels of your vehicle unprotected where they will become dirty making your vehicle look unsightly even though the paint is clean? The answer is to coat them using TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®!

Are Sealants Safe for Your Wheels? 

Not all sealants are created equal and not many sealants are safe for your wheels/rims! You’ll want to use something that is safe for use on all types of wheels, especially on ones that have delicate finishes. The finish on wheels can be very different from the paint and clearcoat finishes of modern-day cars. Because wheels/rims are often coated with different forms of paint that are sometimes baked in using powder coating processes and other delicate application methods, you’ll want to utilize caution in applying a sealant. Some wheels are sensitive to harsh chemicals and using such may tarnish, scratch, or damage the wheel finish. You don’t want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars refinishing your wheels! Why not protect them with a sealant that has proven results, over 20 years of research and development, is eco-friendly, and is safe for application to virtually any type of surface?

A surprising fact is that there are not many sealants on the current market that should be used on wheels/rims because many of them contain harsh chemicals, abrasives, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that may damage the finish or paint on your wheels. TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® utilize an eco-friendly water-based formulation that’s free of harsh chemicals, abrasives, and VOCs. In fact, TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® have many groundbreaking technologies (Self-Healing Technology, MycroGlide Technology, H2O-SIO2 Technology, etc.) that make them ideal for applying to wheels/rims for protecting them from the elements thus helping to keep them clean longer. Moreover, wheels/rims treated with TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO® are not only easier to keep clean but make cleaning them in the future a breeze. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning brake dust off your wheels/rims being a major chore! You’ll only have to wipe them down with a clean microfiber cloth using TopCoat Spritz. It’s just that easy. You’ll save water, time, effort, and money.

Bonus Tip: For the ultimate in protection for your wheels, you can clean and prep your wheels/rims and then use our TopCoat® Crystaleen® 7H Ceramic Coating, which will provide a long-lasting durable barrier of protection for 5+ years.