March 06, 2023 4 min read

Did You Know TopCoat® F11PRO® Can Improve Your Paint's Shine and Gloss

We often strive to get that perfect shine when we detail our car or apply a sealant in hopes of protecting a vehicle’s painted surface for months to come or even a full year or more. In the process of detailing our car and protecting it with a sealant, we hope to have a finish that looks glossier than before. Well, as it turns out, TopCoat® F11PRO® improves the glossiness of your paint!

Not only does TopCoat® F11PRO® provide long-lasting 12+ months of protection to repel water, dirt, grime, road debris, and other unwanted elements that make a car dirty over time, but it can also improve the glossiness of a treated surface, often giving you a finish that’s better than a “showroom shine.” 

Fundamentally, TopCoat® F11PRO® can help make your vehicle’s paint shine or become glossier, and through its many advanced technologies, it fills in micro scratches through self-healing technology, fills in micropores to seal out elements using self-leveling technology, and even sheds water and resists other unwanted elements through its hydrophobic technology. 

You may ask, how do we know that TopCoat® F11PRO® may improve the glossiness scale of paint? Well, it’s rather simple. Apart from the looks of a surface appearing to be glossier to the eye, we’ve put TopCoat® F11PRO® treated surfaces through the test with a gloss meter.

What is a Gloss Meter and What Does It Do?

A gloss meter is a device that projects a beam of light onto a surface to measure the amount of light reflected at an equal but opposite angle. Measuring that light reflection reveals how glossy a surface is in the case of a painted surface treated with TopCoat® F11PRO® the glossiness scale improves after application. Gloss is essentially the measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface. The higher the number, the higher quality or level of gloss.

A gloss meter is often used by professional detailers who try to extract the highest level of clarity and gloss from the paint of a vehicle. Many times, professional detailers look for a certain level of glossiness or shine/reflectiveness in a painted surface to demonstrate an improvement after cleaning and sealing a painted surface. Sure, anyone can look back at a vehicle that’s been freshly detailed and claim that it looks better or shinier than before, but the proof is in the details that can be measured by using a gloss meter. In the case of using TopCoat® F11PRO® on a vehicle, a gloss meter will “clearly” show an improvement of the gloss scale when compared to before applying TopCoat® F11PRO®.

The glossiness of a painted surface is not the only indicator of a sealant doing a good job to improve the optical clarity and shininess of a surface. There are many other indicators, such as if a surface can shed water or bead through hydrophobicity, or if the surface has fewer swirl marks or micro scratches that are visible to the eye. These many characteristics are improved upon with the application of TopCoat® F11PRO®, in addition to being able to measure a better level of a surface’s glossiness.

Looking Good vs. Glossiness

A gloss meter may not be the final judgment that determines if your painted surface “looks good” and seldomly gloss meter results can be deceptive because it does not measure how our eyes see and perceive a painted surface. However, anyone who has good enough eyesight can clearly be a judge on how good a painted surface looks, and using a gloss meter will usually be the verification that you need in knowing how TopCoat® F11PRO® may have improved the glossiness or overall look and clarity of your paint. 

Ultimately, the distinctness of an image, or how well a painted surface can reflect an image is what you want to pay attention to. A poor finish or a painted surface that may have unwanted orange peel, waviness, micro scratches, tarnishing or dullness, will have a distorted reflected image. In some rare cases, those poorly finished surfaces may still have a high gloss reading. In those situations, surfaces may require refinishing or buffing, or they may require simple cleaning and application of a sealant like TopCoat® F11PRO® that uses advanced technologies to help protect the surface and improve the level of glossiness.

Gloss and Shine Like No Other

No other coating outshines or adds a gloss like TopCoat® F11PRO®!  Wet, rich, depth of image - we all know the buzzwords and we all want our vehicles to look their best, but did you know not all coatings are the same? 

Gloss is an actual objective that is literally measurable scientifically and the fans at TopCoat® know this! TopCoat® actually formulates their coatings to maximize the most gloss possible, and you can measure this through a gloss meter. So, if you want best shine, if you want your paint to pop, metal flake to float, want the best reflective properties, a glass-like finish - look no further than TopCoat F11PRO! Add that quality with all the other performance benefits of TopCoat® F11PRO® and it becomes obvious why everyone is going nuts over F11PRO®! Get your shine on!

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