March 06, 2023 2 min read

TopCoat® Helped Revolutionize the Detailing Industry byBeing the First to Offer Several Unique Technologies in Single Products

The detailing industry is vast and there are many times that companies make countless claims of being the first to create or introduce revolutionary products. Some go even further that they createda product that’s multipurpose for cleaning, restoring, and protecting surfaces.

The reality of the detailing industry is that it is rare to find products sold by a company that not only  formulates its own products, but has an eco-friendly water-based formulation, lasts a long time, and provides multiple technologies of self-healing, self-leveling, extreme hydrophobicity, and has true H2O-SIO2 formulation tech. TopCoat® is pleased to be the first to offer these unique features and technologies in our products like TopCoat® F11® delivering high-quality and high-performance wax replacement utilizing the advancements of technology.

Started in 2002, TopCoat® has stood the test of time by producing their own products formulated and made in America. TopCoat® was the first company in the industry to offer a single product that cleans, enhances, and protects with one application that can be done in seconds.


TopCoat® Revolutionized The Industry

Since 2002, TopCoat® has formulated and made products that have revolutionized the detailing industry with the first multi-use/multi-coating technology in TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO®. TopCoat® products, like F11®, replace eight to twelve detailing products with just one product. These formulations takes the collective of nearly two decades of testing and perfecting eco-friendly formulas that can be applied to virtually any surface type.

Through two decades of research and development, TopCoat® leverages specific technologies along with groundbreaking technology to provide a resilient shine, excellent protection, and easy maintenance for many years to come. Best of all, the advancements in technology enable us to keep our products safe for any surface with no harsh chemicals or abrasive compounds.

We challenge you to ask the company that you’re buying your next detailing product from these questions:

  1. Do you make your own products in a facility that you own?
  2. Do you formulate your own products, and do you know what chemicals are in the products that you sell?
  3. Are your products exclusively formulated and made in America?
  4. Are your products eco-friendly, water-based, and nonabrasive?
  5. Can you safely apply your sealant product(s) to surfaces like paint, plastic, metal, glass, rubber, vinyl, acrylic, and fabric?
  6. Do any of your products use advanced technologies like self-healing tech, H2O-SIO2 formulation, and self-leveling tech?
  7. Did your company start over 10 years ago, enabling them to use and apply the experience from many years of research and development?

If your detailing or sealant product can’t answer YES to all the questions above, you may have an inferior product that’s likely to never live up to the hype that made you buy it. Even worse, an inferior product could cause unnecessary damage to a treated surface, or at the least wear off prematurely and fail to protect the surface from harsh elements.

For nearly two decades TopCoat® has answered YES to all the questions above and we’re happy to provide our customers with consistent professional results in our products that we stand behind.

Give TopCoat® F11® a try and see the difference for yourself!

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