October 11, 2022 3 min read

Can I Use TopCoat® F11® Products with A Clay Bar?

The process known as clay-baring your vehicle, or a painted surface is a popular method of removing contaminants from the surface. Usually, clay-baring a surface will leave you with a smoother and less contaminated surface to then wash or apply a sealant without the worry of buffing or sealing surface contaminants onto the surface.

The clay bar process usually involves a quick detail cleaner spray or one that is water-based and safe for use on just about any type of surface as to lessen the chance of damaging or scratching the surface. Clay bar uses clay that is specially formulated to limit scratches when the surface is properly hydrated so the clay can do its work to pick up and remove contaminants.

Can you use TopCoat® F11® to Clay Bar a Vehicle or Painted Surface?

We often get the question: Can TopCoat® F11® be used to clay bar a vehicle or painted surface? We’re happy to answer YES, TopCoat® F11® can be used to clay bar a vehicle or painted surface.

Because TopCoat® F11® is formulated as a water-based eco-friendly product, it is safe to not only use on all surface types, but it can also be used with Clay Bars. TopCoat® F11® is non-abrasive and doesn’t use any solvents like many other detailing products, which may be harmful to use with a clay bar.

TopCoat® F11® will serve as a liquid barrier using its Ultra Glide technology to reduce surface tension and friction and reduce the risk of scratching your surface if the clay bar is used properly. The benefit of using TopCoat® F11® to clay bar your vehicle or painted surface is that it will leave a polished surface that is extremely hydrophobic. Best of all, after clay barring your vehicle, the finish will be mostly free from contaminants. Basically, you will have performed a multi-step process of riding the surface of contaminants and coating the surface with TopCoat® F11® after buffing the product in leaving a non-toxic and eco-friendly protection to your finish.

Traditionally, clay bar kits have been sold with quick detailing products, which are also solvent-free using a water-based formula. Because TopCoat® F11® is also a water-based formula, it is safe for use with clay bars but has an added benefit of helping polish and protect the surface leaving behind a hydrophobic property that repels water, dirt, and grime. 

How to use TopCoat® F11® to clay bar a surface

When you prep a surface for clay barring, be sure to first wash the surface by using TopCoat® PolyWash® and then thoroughly dry the surface using a TopCoat® Ginormous drying microfiber towel or a TopCoat® Mycro Premium detail microfiber towel in a cool area that is out of the direct sunlight. Once the surface is cool to the touch and in a shaded area, you can then use a clay bar with the use of TopCoat® F11® to properly lubricate the surface so the clay bar can easily glide along to collect contaminants. Spray TopCoat® F11® to the area you want to clay bar. Use short and strait motions with the clay bar without applying too much pressure over the TopCoat® F11® wet area. Once you clay bar an area using single-direction strokes, wipe the area using a clean microfiber cloth. You can then spray the area with TopCoat® F11® and buff it in to remove any residual residue. Once you have clay barred your vehicle or surfaces using the clay bar and TopCoat® F11® for the lubrication, you may wipe down and buff areas using TopCoat® F11® with a clean microfiber cloth.