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TopCoat® CRYSTALEEN® is our do it yourself professional ceramic coating. Originally developed in the aerospace industry and sold in the automotive dealer market, TopCoat has now made Crystaleen available directly for your vehicle. Get professional results at a quarter of the cost with the most advanced ceramic on the market using TopCoat Molymer® technology for superior bonding and protection. 

If you're looking for the next level of protection on your surfaces, Crystaleen is for you. Traditional ceramic coatings cost upwards of $1500 and will deteriorate over time. Why spend a small fortune when you can do it yourself with a time tested & proven technology that is superior to any ceramic on the market. Don't pay the pro, be the pro with our easy to use and easy to apply professional ceramic coating with Molymer® Technology. 

Shipping Restrictions: This product ships ground, if you're in another country, additional shipping charges apply.

  • 7H Hardness, 5+ Years Protection
  • Extremely Durable 
  • Repels Water and Other Elements (Hydrophobic) 
  • Originally Developed in the Aerospace Industry for the Space Shuttle
  • Do it Yourself Professional Ceramic Coating
  • Advanced TopCoat Molymer® Technology for Superior Bonding 
  • Formulated to Layer
  • Designed to Flex and Bend With the Surface
  • Multi-Surface & Multi-Use Technology
  • Molomer Quarts Technology
  • Made in the USA

TopCoat® Ships International!

Our TopCoat Products ship internationally.


TopCoat released Crystaleen into the retail market so the do-it-yourselfers had a real professional ceramic coating, at a fraction of the cost. Since then, the benefits and features of Crystaleen has set an industry benchmark that many are still trying to achieve. Crystaleen repels dust & dirt particles, protecting against environmental exposures, UV degradation, & fallout to ensure a long lasting, durable barrier for years of protection.



Extremely Water Resistant


Environmentally safe, water based formula


Long Lasting up to a year


Bring out your Finish


Make a novice look like a pro


One product that does it all


Fluid "wetting" properties that repair imperfections


Sun activated, regenerative coating technology


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Bill W.
United States United States

Pretty impressed thus far!!

I have been using F-11 on my 1999 Sea Ray 460 Sundancer for several years now and have been amazed at how GREAT it works. During the summer boating season it repels dirt, spider droppings and the always present bird "bombs". With F11 applied, the foreign "elements" are easy to rinse off without soap and do not leave a stain in the gel coat. After rain storms we don't see water spots and washing the boat is a breeze. Not to mention, we have the shiniest boat in the marina. (Bonus!!) I decided to try Crystaleen this winter for the upcoming boating season to see how it compares. The application process is definitely different, being that it is 2 part vs F11. The concern I had was after applying step 1, then spraying on step 2 and combining the 2 parts, was I wiping too much of it off? After the light mixing with a towel I would wait 1 minute then buff per the instructions. I am assuming it worked because water repeals off it amazingly well and the luster ands shine are very deep. I am ordering my 2nd kit so that I can get 2 or 3 applications on it before we launch in May. On my transom and near the water outlet on the hull, I have applied 4 coats. These are areas that get more abuse than others and I spend a lot of time during the summer keeping them clean. I hope Crsytaleen will solve this problem. Some pics of the boat and the incredible shine it gets from Crystaleen and F11.

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® Review

TopCoat Products LLC.

Hey William! We are so glad to hear that you love the way F11 works on your boat, and that you are now giving Crystaleen a try! I see that you had a few questions about the Crystaleen and its application, so I am going to pass along your information to our technical specialist, Jay. He should be reaching out to you to help troubleshoot and help in any way you need!

United States United States

Good product, awesome customer service!

I had an issue and I couldn't finish coating my truck, The Customer service rep took care of my issue ASAP. I finished putting 2 coats of the coating today and it looks great. Only time will tell how well it holds up but it does look great right now. Not as easy to apply on the painted parts of the truck as the glass and plastic. Took a little bit to spread the stage 2 coating and a breeze to buff to a great shine. Bill

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® Review

TopCoat Products LLC.

We are so glad to hear that our customer service team was able to help resolve your issue, and you could finish coating your truck!

Jerry C.
United States United States


I ordered a CRYSTALEEN® kit while waiting on our 21 GMC Sierra Denali to be shipped and delivered. I washed the vehicle using Dawn dish washing detergent, clay barred the entire vehicle to remove any rail dust from the finish (surprised at how little foreign matter was on the finish), wiped the entire vehicle down with 91% alcohol. I followed the label instructions applying stage 1 to a small area followed with stage 2 immediately, and then hand buffing with the supplied microfiber cloth within a few minutes. The kit supplied spray head for Stage 1 failed after about 30% through applying the product. I was able to complete application by dribbling stage 1 liquid on the suppled microfiber applicator. The buffing process was much more difficult than anticipated. The microfiber cloth liked to roll up and the amount of effort required was quite a lot. I have used F11 for years and expected the level of effort to be about the same which is probably not a reasonable expectation on my part. After letting the mostly buffed out CRYSTALEEN® set for a day I went back over the entire vehicle with a fresh microfiber towel and that seemed to be an easier buff giving it a better shine and feel. The CRYSTALEEN® does not feel slick like F11, but does seem to shed water like a well oiled duck. I have only rinsed off the rear fenders of the truck so far and the dirt and water seem to flow right off with little mechanical effort. Pretty impressed so far, but time will tell in a couple of years. I am generally pleased with the outcome and plan to use this product on my new C8 Corvette when it arrives this spring. I reached out to Topcoat concerning the failed sprayer and level of buffing effort and their customer service was outstanding.

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® Review

TopCoat Products LLC.

I am sorry to hear that the spray nozzle was acting up and was a little more difficult to buff, but I am so glad to hear that our customer service team was able to help you. We are very happy to hear you did love the results, and as always please reach back out to us if there are any more questions or concerns!

Lee W.
United States United States

Return buyer

Crystaleen is a great product. Easy to use and leaves a great shine.


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thanks, Lee!

curtis m.
United States United States

Crystaleen is good

Bought some in Daytona at Bike Week 2021. Used on my wife's car first, easy application. Great shine after two coats and four months later still looking great. The love bugs that are highly acidic came off very easily. My wife loves it easy wipe off after the car gets dirty and still looks great. I'll be doing the Harleys now before Sturgis trip. I would never write a review without actually testing the product.


TopCoat Products LLC.

That is awesome that you love the results from the Crystaleen! Being able to keep your vehicles clean, and having it easy to clean off is so important to car owners.

Scott L.
United States

Brilliant shine

The 2 part coating aspect was a. It hard to juggle but after a few minutes I got In a rythm. I first did a complete DA pllish to my car wiped with alcohol then coated with crystaleen. Wow what a beautiful finish my paint has now.

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® Review
United States


Went on easy. Two coats on the Rebel Eddie's challenger followed up by Topcoat F-11. Looks fantastic. We will be doing several Harleys as well for customers. This will be an offering to all of our detail customers!

michael r.
United States

Brilliant shine!

Applied it to my 2021 Jeep Gladiator. Very easy on, easy off and it looks like it’s coated with glass! Managed to get 2 coats on it but if you have a full size truck I don’t think you can stretch it that far. The sprayer on the bottles gummed up; fortunately I had some empty travel size F11 bottles laying around and used those finish the job. I think that helped in stretching it out for 2 coats. Wish it came in a larger size for the money. Overall it’s a great product and performs as advertised. Will definitely use it again.

A TopCoat Products LLC. Customer
Colin D.
United States

Spray bottles need improvement

Most review comment on the poor quality of the bottles, seemed to do what it's supposed to but only time will tell I guess. Granted my paint isn't in the best shape to begin with but being a black car it needs all the protection it can get. My final note is I was hoping that for the price I would have gotten a little more product to make it go a bit further. So I will probably purchase some more in the future.

Kevin A.
United States

My indian roadmaster


TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® Review
Lee W.
United States

Crystaleen purchase at sturgis

Finally got the chance to use my crystaleen (Sept.19). Used the product on my 2013 Ford F150. Very easy to apply. Leaves a beautiful finish with little effort to apply and wipe off. My truck looks better than a showroom finish. I will definately use this product again.

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® ReviewTopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® CRYSTALEEN® Review
Scott M.
United States

Sturgis Bike Rally

I love this stuff.. I had been using F11 for a couple years now and these guys talked me into trying the new CRYSTALEEN . After a little Q &A I bought in. I never will regret it.. Put on several hundred miles filling up the fairing with bugs and a short sprinkle while riding washed them all away... thanks guys.. see you next year,!!