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April 28, 2022 4 min read

What is Self-Healing Technology in TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® and How Does It Work?

Many times, we utilize products and are completely unaware of the many features and benefits that it provides outside of what is initially advertised or highlighted. When it comes to protecting surfaces, whether that be on your car, motorcycle, RV, ATV, or boat. Products like TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO® have self-healing technology that offers the ability to regenerate daily using the heat from the sun. Such a technology essentially renews a finish by filling in micro-scratches and abrasions to maintain a like-new finish when it is treated with TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®.

What Does Self-Healing Technology Do?

Self-healing technology has been around for many years in a variety of applications and is even found in some clearcoat paints on luxury vehicles. Basically, Self-healing technology activates with the sun where it will heal a surface to fill in micro-scratches and abrasions. 

The sun-activation of the product with self-healing technology has wetting properties that self corrects a surface. You can almost think of self-healing technology being a substance melted onto a surface to spread evenly and fill the surface with a nearly-liquified solution, basically, a “self-leveling” process. In a more technical description of how self-healing technology works, when it is used in a sealant product, it contains capsule elements, which contain a liquid monomer that becomes activated with heat and the sun causing a polymerization releasing agents that fill micro-scratches and abrasions on a treated surface. 

Why Use a Product with Self-Healing Technology Like TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®? 

Very rarely do you find self-healing properties within a sealant that is also water-based making it safe for the environment and safe to apply to virtually any type of surface. From over 20 years of research and development in the detailing industry, TopCoat® can include self-healing technology in its products, primarily TopCoat® F11® and TopCoat® F11PRO®.

Simply put, using a sealant without self-healing technology will never give you the best results your paint needs, never looking as wet, as shiny, or as lustrous as it would with self-healing technology. 

Every vehicle has, and gets, imperfections in the paint over time from wear and tear from the elements and by human neglect. Surface abrasions like micro-scratches are the reason companies started making colored waxes, to fill in these marks as you polished. Micro-scratches or abrasions happen from constant use of car soaps, or taking your car thought the local car wash, constantly rubbing the surface with sponges, using detergents and harsh cleaners in soaps, using old towels when drying, or brushes in tunnel car washes.  Every time you physically touch your paint, especially in the hot sun, it causes light scratches in your clearcoat that start to show up over time, and really becomes noticeable when the sunlight shines on the paint.  Black paint is notorious for this.  Have you ever seen a black vehicle that looks scuffed up and scratched when the sun is bright, under a streetlight, or under the lights in a parking lot or in a garage?  That’s what we call micro-scratches, swirl marks, or spider-web marks in the industry.  Professional detailers will hold florescent lights or led lights close to the paint, shining the light at different angles to find these imperfections and micro-scratches that need to be corrected.  The only permanent way to correct these issues is by buffing, and depending on how bad the micro-scratches are, determines the level of buffing needed, or even the need to wet sand first, then buff.  You could spend countless hours and money trying to correct your paint, and body shops, dealers, and professional detailers do, charging a small fortune to make your car look its best, freshly buffed, and polished to maintain that new car look.  The only problem with this solution is every time you buff or wet sand your paint you physically remove a part of your clearcoat, thinning it out to a point where it loses its shine, depth of image, and worse losing its ability to withstand the wear from the environment, making it even easier for bird droppings, bug guts, sap, water marks and more to stain and damage the surface. 

Now you have the ability to correct these micro-scratches yourself with a coating that immediately fills in the majority of these paint abrasions upon application, and maintains your paint day after day, year after year, due to advanced technologies like self-healing, self-leveling, and proprietary MycroGlide™ technologies only found in F11® and F11PRO®, ensuring your paint always looks new, freshly buffed, and in perfect condition. 

With TopCoat® F11®, the self-healing technology is combined with many other technologies that give you the best protection and long-lasting properties that continue to work after the initial application. When you apply TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®, the self-healing technology activates once the sunlight hits the treated surface, effectively having a regenerative corrective effect. Moreover, the self-healing technology fills in oxidized surfaces, improving with every application on paint, plastic, or gelcoat, bringing life into surfaces thought to be ruined. Such an effect gives you a renewable coating that always maintains a flawless mirror-like finish. In TopCoat® F11PRO®, we’ve taken the self-healing technology a step further for an even longer-lasting coating where its self-healing properties last for 12 months or more, thus renewing a treated finish every time the sun shines on the surface.

Don’t cheat yourself out of these advanced technologies of today – Be sure your next sealant is TopCoat® F11® or TopCoat® F11PRO®, with advanced self-healing technology for the best results in protecting and enhancing your finish.

When you want the best, but need the best, TopCoat® F11PRO®!