July 11, 2022 3 min read

TopCoat® F11® vs Subpar Ceramics

There’s an unfortunate trend in the detailing industry and it’s ruining the finishes of vehicles everywhere. That trend is cheap, subpar ceramics.

In recent years, ceramic coatings for vehicles have gained attention from many who look to find the optimal protectant for their car’s paint using a hydrophobic property to repel water and dirt. There are many variations of ceramic coatings currently available for professional detailers and a variety for those who want to do it themselves. However, subpar ceramic coatings can be more problematic in an essentially watered-down copy that promise long-lasting shine and protection for your car’s finish. 

Many of these subpar ceramic coating formulas wear down within weeks of application requiring a “boost” or maintenance application. Their promises usually trick users and detailers into believing that they are protecting their car’s finish from harmful UV rays and weathering when it really isn’t doing anything at all. On the other hand, TopCoat® F11® is a similar price-point of the cheap ceramic wannabes and provides far superior results.

How does F11® Differ from Ceramic Coatings and Subpar Ceramic Coatings? 

TopCoat® F11® is not a ceramic coating. However, polished surfaces are extremely hydrophobic when they are treated with F11. TopCoat® F11® is an ideal water repellent on your vehicle’s surface, which eliminates the need for other costly products or subpar ceramic coatings.

Rather than being chemical-based and potentially toxic like many ceramic coatings, F11® is an eco-friendly protectant that’s water-based that also utilizes hydrophobic properties to repel water. Additionally, F11® is safe to use on all surfaces unlike some ceramic coatings that must be carefully applied to only painted surfaces that have been meticulously prepped. Application of TopCoat® F11® does not require the countless hours of prep work required to apply ceramic coatings, in addition to the hours spent for application and curing of ceramic coatings.

Subpar ceramic coatings that claim not to require the prep work aren’t going to have good long-lasting results like TopCoat® F11®. Simply put, subpar ceramic coatings may break down and leave surfaces unprotected after weeks or sometimes in less time. TopCoat® F11® may last up to 2 to 3 months.

A simple 2-step application process is all that is needed to apply F11® taking only minutes to spray it on and hand buff it in. Some ceramic coatings may require that you tape off areas, thoroughly clean the paint surface, laboriously polish the paint surface, and remove swirls, discolorations, and scratches. Countless hours and thousands of dollars may be spent on the application of some ceramic coatings that may only last a couple of years before another application is required. Even worst, using a subpar ceramic coating may only last for weeks. There’s a big difference in ceramic coating and subpar ceramic coatings.

F11® Stands the Test of Time

The application process for F11® is simple and quick. You can use as little as 2oz and apply additional layers for longer lasting results. With each application, you get compounding protection from the elements, and maintenance gets easier and easier. Surfaces coated with multiple layers of F11® are easier to maintain and remain cleaner longer. The more layers of F11® applied, the more protection and beautification you'll add on all surfaces.

There’s no requirement to tape off areas or unsightly wax or ceramic coating residue left behind. The clear formula of F11® is safe for all surfaces, unlike some ceramic and subpar ceramic coatings warning you against applying on any surface other than the vehicle’s paint.

Let’s put an end to these sub-par ceramics.

Give F11® a try and see the difference for yourself! 

P.S. We’re not anti-ceramics. We’re anti cheap, poor-quality ceramics that can even damage your finish. We believe that professional-level ceramics are great for certain circumstances. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create our own Crystaleen, which is based on revolutionary coating technology originally developed for the aerospace industry.