July 11, 2022 3 min read

Can I Use TopCoat® F11® on Motorcycle Engines?

The unmatched performance of TopCoat® F11® has reached far into the world of Motorcycles, and many motorcycle enthusiasts have asked the popular question: Can I use TopCoat® F11® on my motorcycle engine? To quickly answer that question without hesitation, Yes, you can!

Just like cars, motorcycles have a multitude of surface types and materials. The engine of a motorcycle is not only an important part of its performance, but also a major visual characteristic that deserves to look just as good and clean as the painted parts of a motorcycle along with its shiny chrome. Because it’s always exposed, the way a motorcycle engine looks often adds an appeal to help make each motorcycle unique. Of course, you’re going to have your chrome, rubber, metal, powder coated surfaces, and plastic components that all demand the proper care for cleaning a Motorcycle engine. That’s where TopCoat® F11® comes to the rescue with a formula that can be used on motorcycle engines safely due to its water-based formula.

TopCoat® F11® Has You Covered for Your Motorcycle Engine Cleaning Needs

TopCoat® F11® is great for motorcycle engines! Simply allow your motorcycle engine to cool down before coating it.

Once things are relatively cool to the touch, simply spray the product directly onto the engine and allow it to soak in. Be sure to look out for overspray when targeting sensitive areas like the air intake and/or filters.

The number one issue with bike engines is the faded powder coating on the block and cylinder fins. TopCoat® F11® will help bring those surfaces back to life and help keep it in a like-new condition.

While allowing TopCoat® F11® to soak into the powder coated areas, wipe the excess spray off and get those hard-to-reach areas, including the chrome, plastic, and other metal parts, with a clean microfiber cloth. Be sure to spray every inch of the dull, powder coated areas, including any matte finishes and wrinkle coated surfaces. Flip over the microfiber cloth to hand buff as necessary into some of the crevasses of the engine components until you’re satisfied with an even coat. Always follow up with a final buff for maximum performance and the best shine. 

People will wonder how you got your bike’s engine so clean. Everyone will notice how amazing your engine looks once it’s treated with TopCoat® F11®. The best part is you can treat every surface of your motorcycle engine, even many components that get up to high temperatures, including your beloved chrome pipes. Moreover, TopCoat® F11® helps prevent chrome pipes from bluing. When you’re wiping your pipes, be sure that you don’t forget your exhaust tips that commonly build up with carbon.

TopCoat® F11® will do its magic by working its way through dirt and debris and leave the engine with a protective coating to help make future detailing easier and faster. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about TopCoat® F11® drying out hoses or plastic covers on the engine. Most other car cleaning products put your motorcycle engine components, such as hoses and plastics, at risk of drying out prematurely.

With TopCoat® F11®, the proof is in the details. You’ll be confident that you used the right product to keep your motorcycle engine clean and running properly without the risk of damage from your detailing products. TopCoat® F11®’s water-based formula is safe and effective for your motorcycle engine cleaning needs.