September 29, 2021 2 min read

Hydrophobicity and TopCoat®

Every once in a while, our co-founder Scott will put on a white lab coat and wander around using technical terms like substrate, polymerization, and… hydrophobic. These are important words to describe the unique technology we’re working with - but they’re not likely words you’re using in regular conversation… 


Let’s unpack ‘hydrophobic’ & explain why it’s an important feature...

  • Surfaces that naturally repel water are said to be “hydrophobic.” 
  • You can tell when a surface is hydrophobic because, when water hits it, it will bead up instead of spreading out.
  • When the water beads up, only a small amount of it is coming into contact with the surface.
  • This makes it easier to remove and prevents it from being absorbed into whatever surface it is on.

We see this in nature quite a bit, with one of the most obvious cases being certain leaves that cause water to bead up when they get rained on. Well... it turns out that this is also awesome for your vehicle, and F11® does it better than anything else on the market!


This is what happens when it rains all over your vehicle...

The more hydrophobic your finish is, the less damage water can do to the paint. You avoid the ugly water spots that come from imperfections in your finish allowing water to seep through and absorb. When you apply F11® to your vehicle, it helps your finish repel water that could eventually cause your paint to corrode - and it makes your ride safer too. This is because glass (such as your windshield) greatly benefits from the hydrophobic properties of TopCoat® products (like F11® and Spritz™).

When you coat your windshield with these products, you’ll notice that raindrops bead up and slide right off your windshield… before you even turn your wipers on! So your vehicle looks better, and you stay safer.


But the benefits don’t stop with your vehicles...

TopCoat® HPS™ shares these same hydrophobic properties and is the perfect solution to all your household cleaning needs. You can put it on the glass in your home, wooden tabletops, countertops, and more. The hydrophobic layer helps prevent water from absorbing into those surfaces as well, extending the life of your furniture and countertops (and more).  

Try TopCoat® products on anything that comes into contact with liquid on a regular basis and see the TopCoat® difference for yourself!