September 29, 2021 2 min read

MicroFiber Towels are Best for F11® Applications

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We tell you all the time about the amazing results that people get from using F11® on their vehicles. Professional-level results, quickly and easily, right there in your driveway. But periodically we hear from customers who are less than satisfied with the results that they were able to get.

People experience smudging and streaking, or a dull haze, rather than the expected mirror shine. We know that this can be frustrating, so we decided to look into a few cases to see what might have caused the issue.

Why does this happen?

One of the most common issues that came up was not using enough MicroFiber towels to apply a coating of F11®.

Here’s what happens:

  • As you continue to apply F11® to your vehicle’s surface, the MicroFiber towel starts to become saturated with F11®.
  • A saturated towel is a good thing because it turns into a wet wipe of F11® and saves you from having to keep spraying product. 

Just be sure to use dry towels to buff it off... While you can absolutely use this towel to apply F11®, a dry towel is necessary to properly buff in the F11® that you’ve applied. This is where streaks and smudges come from. When a wet towel is used to try and buff F11® it winds up pushing the F11® around on the surface, rather than buffing it in.

How many towels should you use?

The absolute minimum number of towels needed for the best results is 3.

This allows for one towel to apply F11®, one dry towel that can be used for buffing, and one additional dry towel to do a final buff once the entire vehicle has been treated.


5 towels is the best place to start when applying F11® to your entire vehicle.

The idea is the same as above with 3 towels, but having at least 5 towels ensures that you will always have a dry towel (or section of a towel) to buff each section. And you will have a completely unused towel for the final buff.

More towel tips

  • When a MicroFiber towel becomes saturated, use that towel to apply F11® to the surface rather than spraying from the bottle. (This makes your bottle of F11® last longer!)
  • When buffing sections of your vehicle, constantly flip to a dry section of the towel. Continue to do this until the towel is completely saturated. 
  • THEN grab a dry towel for buffing the next section.
  • ALWAYS use a completely dry towel for the final buffing.
  • When in doubt, grab a new towel!

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