June 08, 2021 2 min read

Tips for Cleaning Your TopCoat® MicroFiber Towels.

There’s nothing quite like the smooth, glassy feeling that your finish gets when you apply something like TopCoat® F11® to your vehicle. It’s super easy when you use the MicroFiber towels that are included with most of our bundles.

But after applying F11® to your vehicle, you’ve probably noticed how dirty the MicroFiber towel becomes (especially the white towels!) Much like everything else we make at TopCoat®, our MicroFiber and MicroFiber Pro Towels are a cut above everything else available on the market.

Naturally, our customers want to make sure they’re taking care of the towels properly so they stay in great shape and continue to make pro-level detailing at home a nearly effortless task.

Today, we want to share some tips for cleaning your TopCoat® MicroFiber towels. When you take care of your MicroFiber towels properly, they’ll last for years before you need to replace them. Here are a few tips that we suggest you keep in mind when cleaning your towels!

Wash them with normal detergent

No special soap or detergent is required to clean your MicroFiber towels. You can use the same detergent that you already have and use for your everyday laundry.

Wash them by themselves

We recommend that you wash your MicroFiber towels separately from your other laundry. 

This prevents the towels from picking up lint from other garments or linens that you wash. This lint could transfer over to your vehicle, adding extra steps to your cleaning process. This also prevents anything you cleaned off of you car from getting mixed up with your clothing or household linens. 

Dry them on low heat

This helps prevent them from shrinking or having the edges of the towels curl up from the heat. These towels are designed and manufactured to be more durable than regular towels, but over time, the heat will accelerate wear and shorten the life of the towel.

Prevent static electricity with a regular dryer sheet

If you’re having issues with static electricity building up when you dry you TopCoat® MicroFiber towels, just use a regular dryer sheet to help prevent this. 

If you happen to notice static building up on your finish after buffing (things like dust accumulating immediately after adding F11®, or the hair on your arms standing up when you get near the vehicle), take a dryer sheet and blot your MicroFiber towel with it to get rid of the static.

No need to wash after every use

If you’re applying F11® to an already clean surface, such as after using PolyWash™, then you’re not going to need to wash the towel. In fact, some of our customers like to take a clean towel that is saturated with F11® and put it in a zip-loc bag. This keeps it from drying out, lets you reuse that F11®, and makes your bottle last even longer!

One last bonus tip

In case you haven’t already done so, go ahead and tear the label off of your MicroFiber towel. They are designed to be removed.


That’s all there is to cleaning your TopCoat® MicroFiber and MicroFiberPro Towels. Clean them after you use them to take care of your vehicle and they’ll last you a long time!

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