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June 08, 2021 2 min read

We Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out

You know that F11® is unmatched when it comes to making the outside of your vehicle look great, but what about other… dirtier places? We’re talking about the engine compartment.

Remember how impressive it was at the dealership to open the hood of a car or truck and see how clean and shiny everything around the engine was? Once you start driving that vehicle around, all kinds of stuff starts to build up in there, and before you know it everything is just a dull, dirty, dark grey. You get the feeling that not only would things look better if you cleaned it out, but it would keep things running smoother, longer too.

But, how do you go about cleaning that area? After all, there’s metal, chrome, rubber, plastic, and more in there. Not to mention various expensive electronics (so you don’t want to just go blasting the power washer in there!) And you don’t want to risk drying out the hoses, or any plastic covers in that compartment, so your standard car cleaning products are definitely out.

Thankfully, TopCoat® F11® has you covered!

First off, make sure that everything in there has cooled (we don’t want you getting hurt). Then, just spray F11® all over the engine compartment!

If you feel like buffing some parts, you can do that, or you can just close the hood and let F11® do its magic.

The F11® will work its way through the dirt and debris, and after it soaks in it’ll just be a matter of wiping it away with a MicroFiber towel. 

Either way, you’ll walk away knowing that your engine compartment is cleaner.

Not only is the F11® water-based formula safe for all the parts under the hood, it will help you keep it clean quicker the more you use it.