July 11, 2022 3 min read

How To Protect and Maintain Your Boat All Year Round With TopCoat Products

Your boat is deserving of the best protection that you can apply to keep it protected from the harsh elements of the water and saltwater. Moreover, you’ll want to keep your boat’s finish and interior properly maintained all year round, and you can do that with TopCoat® products!

TopCoat® offers a variety of products that can be easily applied to your boat’s finish to help protect and maintain a clean and shiny surface all year round.

TopCoat® F11® is the ultimate in a protective sealant that does it all for your boat’s finish. TopCoat® F11® is hydrophobic, meaning that your boat’s surface that you apply TopCoat® F11® on will naturally repel water. Fundamentally, when you see the water beading up it means only a small amount of the water is actually encountering the surface, thus the boat’s surface is kept clean longer.

TopCoat® F11® can be used on virtually all surfaces of your boat to help protect them from the harsh elements that you may encounter while the boat is docked, in storage, or out on the water when you’re having fun enjoying your investment.

Our TopCoat® F11PRO® is a new product that takes everything that we've learned and perfected in TopCoat F11 and elevates its abilities to formulate a product that lasts 12+ months.

Will TopCoat® Products Protect Your Boat’s Finish from Saltwater?

Absolutely! TopCoat® F11® continues to provide hydrophobic properties even when it encounters saltwater. However, for the best results to provide a protective sealant that lasts years, TopCoat® Crystaleen® may be used for the best level of protection of your boat’s surfaces.  TopCoat® Crystaleen® was originally developed for the aerospace industry and is now available for your use on your boat to provide a durable protective layer that repels water and other elements. Moreover, TopCoat® Crystaleen® has 7H hardness and provides protection for 5+ years! TopCoat® products are safe to use and apply to all boat coatings, including steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), polyethylene, and a variety of coatings, such as gelcoat and fiberglass. Both TopCoat® F11®and TopCoat® Crystaleen® provide an easy release surface for the remove of salt, algae, water spots, and other environmental contaminants.

Can You Use TopCoat® Products to Prep, Clean, and Maintain Your Boat and Its Finish?

Yes. TopCoat® offers PolyWash® to help clean and prep your boat and its surface, in addition to TopCoat® F11® to help maintain a clean surface, even if you have applied TopCoat® Crystaleen® to the surface for the ultimate protection.

TopCoat® Crystaleen® is a safe ceramic that has a simple 2-step application process that saves you time, money, and the hassle of having it done by a “professional.” Crystaleen was designed to flex and bend instead of becoming brittle when it cures to ensure that your boat as it moves through the water doesn’t break down the protective surface.

Quick Tip: We recommend that you thoroughly prep and clean the surfaces of your boat with TopCoat® PolyWash® before applying a sealant or ceramic coating like TopCoat® Crystaleen® for the best long-lasting results.

Use TopCoat® products to clean and maintain the interior of your Boat

TopCoat® HPS® (High-Performance Sealer) can be used to clean and protect the interior surfaces of your boat. HPS goes on clean leaving no waxy residue to deal with while providing a protective layer to help prevent build-up and make future cleaning quicker and easier. The water-based formula of TopCoat® HPS® ensures that it is safe to apply to virtually any interior surface of your boat whether you use it on paint, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, bath, counters, granite, appliances, and more.

The best part of using TopCoat® HPS® in the interior of your boat is that it is a water-based formula that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly making it safe to use around children and pets.

The benefits of using TopCoat® products to protect and maintain your boat prolongs the life of your investment. Using TopCoat® products will help ensure that you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars to refinish the surfaces of your boat because you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect it. Using TopCoat® products on your boat to clean and protect its surface will go the distance to help prolong the life of your boat’s finish, thus protecting your investment for many years to come.