June 08, 2021 1 min read

It is Important to Focus on the Jambs Too

Everyone pays attention to the outside of your vehicle. The paint, the glass, the rims… That’s the sexy stuff. But there are other areas of your vehicle that need attention too… Areas that most people don’t think about. One of those areas is your door jambs.

What happens is, the rubber around your door jambs can become brittle and crack. Over time, this could let water in. Not to mention that, each time you open and close your door, a little bit of that rubber sticks to the paint inside, wearing it away slowly. 

Then dirt and debris get trapped in there, scratching up the paint on the inside and just making your vehicle dirtier.


That’s why you need to make sure you treat this area with F11®.

Not only does it clean everything, but it revitalizes the rubber seal around the door, and prevents dirt and debris from sticking. Unlike other products, it won’t damage the rubber gasket, and you can use it on all the surfaces around the door jamb to clean and protect.

Be sure to use F11® on this area next time you’re cleaning your vehicle!