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TopCoat® PolyWash®

TopCoat® PolyWash® brings commercial-grade car wash technology to your driveway!

  • Water-based formula, Eco Safe!
  • No solvents or abrasive compounds
  • Perfect surface prep for TopCoat® F11®
  • MycroBond™ coating leaves behind a water-repellent, protective shine
  • Prevents water spotting if caught in the sun
  • No harsh detergents or chemicals that can damage surfaces, cool or hot
  • Concentrated formula, a little goes a long way!




A safe & effective way to easily remove waxes, water-based sealers, & solvent based coatings 

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An extremely soft microfiber wash mitt perfect for washing your vehicle for a swirl free finish

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The newest & best way to detail your vehicle, or any surface, taking detailing to a whole new level.

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The basic kit you need to prep and polish!




The perfect kit to get you detailing like a pro!

F11PRO® Start To Finish Kit

F11PRO® Start To Finish Kit


Ready for a big project? Convenient bundle to prep, polish and maintain


Will this remove wax? Will this clean off water spots?

PolyWash® will not remove wax, and because it helps prep the surface to bond with our other products, it is the perfect product to use before applying a coat of F11. PolyWash® will not remove water spots, but due to the nature of the coating it applies, will significantly reduce the amount of new water spots that are able to form on the surface.

What is PolyWash®?

TopCoat®PolyWash® is the perfect prepping soap for TopCoat® Sealers like F11®and HPS®. PolyWash® contains TopCoat® coating technology and has Micro-Bond technology which perfectly preps the surface for TopCoat® sealers such as F11® and HPS®. If  you go too long without cleaning, you can use PolyWash® to safely clean the surface as well as leaving behind a Micro-Bond coating that will bond with our sealers like F11® and HPS®. All soaps on the market are very abusive to surfaces, PolyWash® is a high-tech, entirely different approach. PolyWash® will not cause swirl marks and spiderwebs like the existing washes do. Technically you only need PolyWash® once, to prep the surface for F11®, HPS® and Spritz®. Going forward, you'll clean by reapplying our coatings... but you always have PolyWash® if you feel like you waited too many months to clean and you feel better washing.

Is Polywash® PH neutral?


Will PolyWash® remove F11®, F11PRO®, or wax?

No, PolyWash® will not remove F11® or F11PRO®. PolyWash® is made to work with both, and actually applied a micro-thin layer of F11®, so you will be washing and protecting your surface at the same time.

Can you use PolyWash® in a Pressure washer?

Yes you can! Just use about 1oz in the soap dispenser. If you want more soap, just adjust the amount accordingly.

How much product do I need to use?

1oz of PolyWash® should cover approximately 440sqft of surface area. That means that a bottle will cover 7040 sqft. To make this a little more practical, we recommend using 1oz in a gallon of water for a regular washing of your car, or 2oz in a gallon if it is particularly dirty.

For General Purpose Cleaning:

  • Use 2oz of PolyWash® per gallon of water. For light cleaning use 1oz of PolyWash™ per gallon.
  • Pour PolyWash® into a bucket, then add water using the suggested ratio.
  • Thoroughly wet the vehicle you intend to wash.
  • Apply the mixed PolyWash® to the wet surface using a sponge or wash mitt, wiping and washing the surface as you go.
  • Rinse thoroughly and then dry after.

Spray Directions:

  • Pour 1/2oz of PolyWash® into a 32oz spray bottle already filled with water, then shake.
  • Spray on surface and wipe off using clean microfiber towels a section at a time.
  • Do not allow to dry before wiping clean.

For More Aggressive Cleaning:

  • Spray PolyWash® on a section at a time.
  • Agitate surface with a cellulose sponge, microfiber wash mitt, or microfiber applicator pad.
  • Then wipe off using a clean microfiber towel until dry.

Foam Canon Directions:

  • Leave enough room to pour 1-2oz of PolyWash® in a water filled foam canon container.
  • Note: For more desired sudsing/foaming add extra PolyWash™.
  • Connect foam cannon container to foam spray-head then shake to mix.
  • Attach to hose and go!
  • Rinse thoroughly and towel dry or blow off water.
  • Safe for your finish: Unlike traditional soaps and washes, PolyWash® will break up dirt and grime without damaging the surface. Perfect surface prep for F11®: PolyWash® is specially formulated to bond with all TopCoat® Sealers.
  • A little goes a long way: Our ultra-concentrated formula means you can use as little as 1oz per gallon of water! Our high-tech MycroBond™ coating leaves behind a water-repellent, protective shine.
  • Use it in a sprayer, foam cannon, or the traditional bucket-- And get the same great results with whatever method you prefer! Wash, clean, shine, and protect with this one revolutionary product!

TopCoat® PolyWash™ Features & Benefits

Unlike traditional soaps and washes, PolyWash™ will break up dirt and grime without damaging the surface. PolyWash™ is specially formulated to bond with all TopCoat® Sealers.