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TopCoat® F11PRO® Gallon Kit

Water Based Amino-Functional Technology coating from TopCoat With Micro-Filling Coating Technology.

Simple to apply & easy to use, F11PRO® will restore materials like new, and ensure easier cleaning & maintenance for years to come with one product that does it all! F11PRO® is the best coating technology money can buy, superior to any other product on the market or your money back!

TopCoat® F11PRO® is the one product that revolutionized the industry by replacing the need for 8-12 detailing products. Formulated to provide long-lasting protection & shine from nearly 2 decades of testing & perfecting the F11PRO® formula. 

Our 1,000,000+ customers have reported that multiple applications of F11PRO® have outlasted any ceramic on the market (saving a ton of money & time), and F11PRO® is flexible, won't crack, peel, flake, turn yellow or cause dry patches like common ceramics can over time.
That’s because F11PRO® features a water based formula that contains no harsh chemicals or abrasive compounds, making it safe to use on any and every surface, provides leading gloss & depth of image, optical clarity, & superior protection from the elements!

 Use On:

  • CARS
  • RVs

To ensure a satisfying protection, sealing, and shine for your vehicle - why use anything other than TopCoat® F11PRO®?

  • Water-based formula, safe on any surface unlike solvent based products
  • No abrasive compounds
  • Polished surfaces are extremely hydrophobic
  • Multi-purpose sealer coats, restores, & protects all surfaces
  • Powerful bonding for durability & Performance
  • Unique MycroGlide Technology (Low friction, Non-Stick Coating)

    This Kit Contains:

    • 1 - 16oz TopCoat® F11PRO® 
    • 1 - Gallon TopCoat® F11PRO® 
    • 5 - TopCoat® MycroPro 16" Professional mycrofiber Detail Towels

    "Everything you want in a coating, everything you need in a coating!" - Scott Smith, Founder / Owner 

    *Keep out of reach of children

    (Always refer to product SDS and/or TDS sheets for further product and safety information.)*

    For Best Results, Apply to a Clean Cool Surface, Out of the Sun, at Ambient Temperature.

    • Spray F11® onto the surface you want to enhance, coat and protect.
    • Spread F11®, while hand buffing into the surface using a clean micro-fiber towel, flipping to a dry portion of the micro-fiber towel often during buffing.
    • Final buff the freshly applied layer with another clean and dry micro-fiber towel to ensure F11® is entirely polished into the surface.
    • Coat one area or section at a time, move to the next, and repeat the process.

    For a professional level application:

    • Apply F11® to a clean cool surface, out of the sun, at ambient temperature.
    • Spray F11® heavily onto the entire surface of the vehicle and let sit 10-20 minutes.
    • Using a clean microfiber towel, rub all areas where F11® was applied.
    • Final buff the freshly applied layer with another clean and dry microfiber towel to ensure F11® is entirely polished into the surface.

    NOTE: You will use more F11® on the initial coat. The more you use the less you use moving forward.

    Attention: Not for use on control mechanisms (pedals, grips, steering wheels), walking surfaces such as floors, bench or cycle seats, brake drums and rotors, cycle tires, and other surfaces where slipperiness may be safety hazard. Not for use on your person.

    • Save time: Easy one-step hand application polishes in less than half the time it takes to wax!
    • Safe for use on all your vehicle’s surfaces, eliminating the need for other costly products.
    • Polished surfaces are extremely hydrophobic (water-resistant) making F11® an ideal water repellent on all glass windows/windshields!
    • F11® maximizes depth of color & shine with minimal effort.
    • Clear formula: No unsightly white wax residue left behind!
    • Coated surfaces are easier to maintain, remain cleaner longer!
    • The more you use F11®, the more protection it provides.
    • Saves time & money, one bottle of F11® does it all!