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  • 1 - TopCoat® MycroDry Ginormous Mycrofiber Drying Towels
  • 12 - TopCoat® MycroPro 16" Professional Detail Mycrofiber Towels

    TopCoat's® Ginormous MycroDry Towel:  Ginormous 54" x 27" surface area makes quick work of any drying over any other way guaranteed!!  NO MORE CHAMIOS!  Safe, color fast, medium density & high fiber (MDHF)™ sided microfiber towel created by TopCoat's experience to easily dry any vehicle quickly. Due to the high GSM count, weave, and unique cloth materials, this ginormous towel offers more microfibers per sq. in.  with the perfect fabric blend.Not all MicroFibers are the same!:Our Ginormous MycroDry towels are super absorbent, quickly drying any surface in a tenth the time it would take to use a shammy or regular cotton towel. Like all our Mycrofiber products, we spec and design everything, ensuring the best products on the market. Our high pile design pulls debris away from the surface quickly, where it is less likely to scratch during the wiping process.

    TopCoat's®Professional Detail Mycrofiber Towel:  Offering a large 16" x 16", surface area of pure polishing design, our towels are color-fast, medium density & high fiber (MDHF)™, microfiber towel created specifically for detailing and polishing applications.Unlike most microfiber towels on the market that are 250-300 GSM our towels are 350 GSM, offering more microfibers per sq. in. that significantly improves buffing and polishing.Specially blended fabrics for a superior towel:  NOT ALL TOWELS ARE THE SAME!  Get better results, improved polishing, faster & easier with our MycroPro Professional Mycrofiber towels. We spec our own towels from decades of real world experience, ensuring the softest possible detailing microfiber towel on the market, woven to handle the most pristine surface. The high pile design pulls debris away from the surface quickly, where it is less likely to scratch during the wiping process.All of our towels are high quality, guaranteed not to scratch, and are specifically made with a bordered edge for high durability that ensures years of long lasting use. All TopCoat® Mycrofiber towels are guaranteed not to separate, stretch, or fall apart like cheap borderless towels from constant use or the rigors of washing & drying.


    • Extremely Soft & Super Absorbent
    • Won’t Scratch or Swirl Soft Surfaces
    • A Safe and Effortless Way To Dry or Polish
    • 350 GSM
    • MDHF - Medium Density, High Fiber
    • Binded Edging - High Quality Sewn Border For 10x The Endurance Over Borderless Towels 
    • Machine Wash & Dry
    • Long Lasting
    • TopCoat's MacroGrab Technology for improved polishing
    • Colorfast