TopCoat UnCoat

UnCoat is a safe and effective way to easily remove waxes, water-based sealers, and several solvent based coatings by hand, without mechanical methods like buffing or wet sanding. Depending on the wax, or sealer, it may take several applications to remove a coating. There are several ways to determine if the coating has been removed successfully. 1, the finish is “dry” looking, or slightly duller. 2, the surface feels grippy, not smooth to the touch. 3. water doesn't bead on the surface at all, becoming non hydrophobic.

If used to remove wax or water-based sealers on enamel paint, expect color transfer. Always test before use, if color or paint transfers to the applicator pad, stop using or you may discolor your paint. This may happen when a clear coat isn’t present.   

We recommend applying in ambient temperature and on a cool surface. Before applying UnCoat, always test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure desired results.

Hazmat Item: Shipping restrictions apply to this product, FedEx ground only

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