October 18, 2023 3 min read

Why Soaps and Detergents are The Enemy - Just Use Water!

Maintaining the appearance of your car is a labor of love. After all, it's not just a mode of transportation, it's a reflection of your personality and style. Many car enthusiasts invest significant time and effort into keeping their vehicles pristine, but there's a common misconception that using traditional soaps and detergents is the best way to do it. We all must understand that soaps and detergents can be the enemy of your car's finish and why opting for water and the magic of TopCoat® F11® might be the better choice.

The Top Problems with Soaps and Detergents

Harsh Chemicals: Most conventional car washing soaps and detergents are full of harsh chemicals that can strip away the protective wax and sealant layers on your car's paint. These chemicals, while effective at removing dirt and grime, can also compromise the integrity of your car's finish over time. As they break down the protective layers, your car becomes more susceptible to damage from UV rays, pollutants, and scratches. 

Water Spots and Residue: Soaps and detergents often leave behind water spots and residue that can be difficult to remove. These unsightly marks can diminish the shine of your car's paint and become even more pronounced when exposed to sunlight. 

Paint Swirls and Scratches: Aggressive scrubbing with soapy water and a rough sponge or poor-quality mitt can lead to paint swirls and scratches. The abrasive nature of many inferior cleaning tools, combined with the friction created during washing using a generic soap product, can harm your car's finish.

Why Water Alone Isn't Enough

While it's true that using only water to clean your car might be gentler than harsh detergents, it often falls short in removing stubborn contaminants like road tar, bird droppings, or tree sap. Water alone may not effectively break down and remove these substances, leaving your car's finish looking less than perfect.

The Solution: TopCoat® F11®

Enter TopCoat® F11®, a revolutionary product that's changing the way car enthusiasts care for their vehicles. TopCoat® F11® is a water-based, eco-friendly formula that offers a multitude of benefits when used in conjunction with water:

Safe and Eco-Friendly:

TopCoat® F11® is free of harsh chemicals, making it safe for both your car and the environment. It won't strip away protective coatings or harm your paint.

Superior Cleaning Power:

TopCoat® F11®'s advanced formula can break down and remove even the toughest contaminants, including tar, bugs, and tree sap. It's effective at lifting dirt and grime without the need for aggressive scrubbing.

Enhanced Shine and Protection:

TopCoat® F11® not only cleans but also adds a layer of protection to your car's finish. It enhances the depth of color, leaving your car looking glossy and showroom-ready.

Water-Repellent Properties:

TopCoat® F11® creates a hydrophobic barrier that helps water bead up and roll off the surface. As a result, it reduces the likelihood of water spots and makes it easier to maintain a spotless shine. Best of all, TopCoat® F11® treated surfaces can be cleaned using just water! Yes, that’s right, a painted surface that has had TopCoat® F11® applied can often be cleaned using a clean microfiber towel and water by gently wiping the surface. Because TopCoat® F11® has many built-in technologies and is a water-based sealant that lasts for many months, it is normally safe to wipe down a surface with just water and a clean high-quality microfiber cloth.

In the quest to maintain a stunning finish on your car, it's important to be mindful of the products you use. Soaps and detergents, while commonly used, can be detrimental to your car's paint over time. Instead, consider making the switch to a product like TopCoat® F11®. By using water and this innovative formula, you can enjoy superior cleaning power, protection, and a lustrous shine without harming your car's finish. Say goodbye to soaps and detergents and hello to a brighter, more brilliant car, using TopCoat® F11®!

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