October 26, 2023 4 min read

What Makes a Coating or Sealant Good? It’s More Than Just a Shine!

Maintaining the appearance and protection of your beloved car is a task that not only requires you taking care of your vehicle but using the right products when it comes to selecting a coating or sealant.

When it comes to preserving the pristine condition of your vehicle's exterior, investing in a high-quality car detailing sealant or coating is a game-changer. But what sets a superior sealant or coating apart from the rest?

There are many key factors that make a car detailing sealant or coating exceptional, allowing you to make an informed decision when it comes to protecting your prized possession. A good car detailing sealant or coating is an essential part of the car care process, providing long-lasting protection and enhancing the overall appearance of the vehicle. You never want to choose an inferior product that doesn’t last long, fails to protect against certain elements, or one that contains harmful chemicals that could cause damage that’s expensive to fix.

We have outlined many of the key factors that determine what makes a sealant or coating good, which you should look for in your next sealant product purchase.

Durability - Shielding Your Car for the Long Haul

The cornerstone of an outstanding car detailing sealant or coating is its ability to offer long-lasting protection. A durable product will keep your car's surface shielded from environmental elements, road contaminants, and harsh weather conditions for an extended period. By reducing the frequency of reapplications, a top-notch sealant or coating saves you time and effort while ensuring your car stays protected for several months or over a year. Beyond durability, the longevity of the product is equally important. A superior sealant or coating should maintain its performance over an extended period, continuously offering reliable protection and enhancing the paint and clearcoat of your car.

Hydrophobic Properties - Effortless Beading and Shedding of Water and other Elements

Have you ever marveled at the sight of water effortlessly beading and rolling off a well-maintained car? That effect is achieved through a powerful hydrophobic property in the sealant or coating. This characteristic not only enhances the visual appeal with a glossy and slick finish but also reduces the likelihood of water spots, making your car a easier to keep clean for a long time, or easy to clean the next time you perform a vehicle wash. Hydrophobicity not only resists water, but it can resist other elements to help keep the surface of your vehicle clean longer.

UV Protection - Safeguarding Your Vehicle’s Clearcoat or Shine

The sun's relentless UV rays can be damaging to your car's paint, causing oxidation and fading over time. A trusted and proven sealant or coating goes the extra mile by providing efficient UV protection to resist those harmful sunrays and help keep them from causing expensive damage to your clearcoat or paint’s shine. A UV shield built into trusted coatings and sealant products safeguards your car's paint from premature aging, preserving its color and luster, and ensuring your car remains radiant and vibrant for years to come. Always choose a sealant product with UV protection or you will be shortchanging yourself!

Scratch Resistance - Mitigating Unwanted Blemishes or Damage

While it's impossible to make your car entirely scratch-proof, a premium sealant or coating offers valuable scratch resistance or technologies like MycrGlide technology. By creating a protective barrier over the paint, this feature minimizes the appearance of swirl marks and minor scratches that can result from regular washing and drying. Moreover, other technological advancements found in premium sealant products can actually fill in micro-scratches and have self-healing properties activated by the sunlight.

Chemical Resistance - Warding Off Harmful Contaminants

Road contaminants, bird droppings, tree sap, and other chemicals can wreak havoc on your car's paintwork if left unattended. A premium sealant or coating boasts chemical resistance, forming a formidable shield against these harmful substances and preventing them from bonding to the surface. Usually, such resistance is found in a products hydrophobicity or use of SiO2 in its formulation, which is silicon dioxide, commonly used in ceramic coatings to form a hardened protective layer. Moreover, it is best that you choose a sealant or coating that does not have any harmful or harsh chemicals that may cause damage to the surface. Preferably, a water-based formulation is the safest! 

Easy Application - Hassle-Free and User-Friendly

An exceptional sealant or coating should be designed with the user in mind, boasting an easy and smooth application process. Whether it comes in the form of a spray, liquid, or paste, it should be effortless to apply, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results without the hassle. The use of technologies that allow ease of application are recommended, such as using a sealant with a MycroGlide® technology.

Self-Cleaning Properties - Effortless Maintenance

Imagine never having to wash your car – using a sealant that actively repels dirt and grime, making cleaning a breeze or unnecessary in some cases over many months. Some advanced coatings offer the benefits of keeping a vehicle clean for many months because of its advanced technologies to resist elements. Virtually, a good sealant that keeps a vehicle clean for a long time takes the hassle out of maintenance and ensures that a properly treated car stays immaculate with minimal effort.

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