September 29, 2022 3 min read

How To Protect and Maintain Your Home Using TopCoat® HPS® and Gla-C®

Your home is where your heart is and keeping it maintained and protected from becoming dirty is a saving grace for ultimately saving you precious time and effort when it comes time to clean the many surfaces that collect dirt, grime, and dust. 

TopCoat® HPS® is the right product to help keep your many household surfaces clean longer and protected from the quick collection of dirt, grime, and dust. TopCoat® HPS® (High Performance Sealer) cleans and protects household surfaces against grease, grime, smudges, dirt, debris build-up, dust buildup, hard water stains, and much more. TopCoat® HPS® is an eco-friendly water-based formula that’s safe for use on your household surfaces. Best of all, there’s no run-off that risks pollution of the environment and it’s safe to use around pets and children. 

The properties of TopCoat® HPS® are specially formulated for household use giving treated surfaces a hydrophobic protective layer that is extremely water-resistant and lasts for a long time. TopCoat® HPS® can be used on your stainless-steel appliances, light fixtures, tabletops, bathroom fixtures, faucet fixtures, cabinets, grills, countertops, patio tables, patio chairs, deck/pool chairs, and much more. Because of the water-based balanced Ph formula of TopCoat® HPS®, it can safely be used on all types of countertops, stone, and tile around your house, including granite, quartz, marble, porcelain, ceramic, hardwood, treated wood, engineered wood, vinyl, linoleum, and more. 

Can You Use TopCoat® HPS® As a Household Cleaner Product?

In a simple short answer, yes, you can use TopCoat® HPS® as a household cleaner product. However, we must explain that because TopCoat® HPS® uses a solvent-free and nonabrasive eco-friendly formula, the use of traditional cleaning products is recommended for cleaning heavily soiled or grimy surfaces around your house such as your bathroom shower, tub, toilet, and other areas that have built up dirt. After such a surface in your house has been initially cleaned of heavy dirt or grime, TopCoat® HPS® can then be used to protect the cleaned surface, which will protect it from elements and keep it cleaner longer.

Quick Tip: In some cases, we recommend that you thoroughly prep and clean the surfaces of your home (with safe traditional cleaners in heavily grimy areas like the bathroom tub, shower, sinks, toilet, etc.) before use of TopCoat® HPS®. If you wish to clean and protect your house windows, you may use TopCoat® Gla-C® (see below), which is specially formulated to clean window glass and plastic glass leaving a protective layer that’s hydrophobic to repel water, dust, and dirt.

What Can You Use to Clean and Protect Your Household Windows and Glass Surfaces?

Your household windows and many glass surfaces, such as your mirrors, picture frames, and plastic glass can be easily cleaned and protected using TopCoat® Gla-C®. TopCoat® Gla-C® is a cleaner and polish in one product that is safe to use on all surfaces without leaving behind annoying streaks. The TopCoat® Gla-C® formula is water-based making it eco-friendly with no VOCs or harmful abrasives. TopCoat® Gla-C® is the first of its kind that cleans and protects glass surfaces with a simple wipe from a microfiber towel maintaining your windows and keeping them clean longer.

The best benefits of TopCoat® Gla-C® around your house are that is easy to apply, provides a protective hydrophobic barrier, lasts a long time, and is safe to use around your pets and children. TopCoat® Gla-C® can be used on all types of windows and glass, including windows with films or tint, acrylics, and eisenglass all without causing any cracking, yellowing, fading, or peeling.

The benefits of using TopCoat® products to protect and maintain your household surfaces prolong the life of what is your biggest investment. Using TopCoat® products like TopCoat® HPS® and Gla-C® will help ensure that you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars to refinish the surfaces of your home or repeated use of harsh chemicals that can cause damage. Be happy that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect your investment, ultimately saving you time and money for years to come.