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TopCoat® EzGlyde™

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TopCoat® EzGlyde™
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features & benefits

TopCoat® EzGlyde™ is a professional clay bar gliding solution that provides a slick, low friction lubricant between the clay bar and the surface, improving the glide, performance, & efficiency of the clay bar while adding a protective coating against the elements at the same time!  

 Due to proprietary TopCoat additives, EzGlyde™ eliminates potential scuffing and marring caused by aggressive cuts, cheap bars, or inferior solutions, speeding up the clay bar process significantly, and the ability to correct the finish safely.

Equally matched is the advanced coating technologies EzGlyde™ offers as it renews the corrected surface like new by filling in micro-scratches and spider webbing, showcasing a  flawless and  lustrous finish so you never have to clay again!

EZGlyde Features:

  • Leaves a Resilient Shine
  • Improves Depth of Image
  • Renews All Exterior Surfaces Like New
  • Reduces Surface Friction & Tension
  • Safely Glides the Clay Bar on The Surface
  • Prevents Scuffing & Marring

EZGlyde Benefits:

  • Removes All Foreign Debris in Paint, Glass, Plastic, & More!
  • Improves The Performance of The Clay Bar
  • Works with All Clay Bars
  • Adds a Protective Coating For Months - All at The Same Time!
  • Saves Time, Effort, & Money!

how to use

Directions Spray EzGlyde™ solution on the surface, apply EzClay™ (Clay Bar) to the wet surface and start the claybar process rubbing the clay bar over the surface until it is free of debris. Keep the surface saturated with EzGlyde™ while using EzClay™. When finished, wipe any residue off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Final buff the surface for a streak free shine.


What is EzGlyde?

EzGlyde is a clay bar lubricant, which imparts a resilient, deep, and lustrous showroom shine, extreme hydrophobic properties, and a protective coating that fills in the recessed pores in the paint reducing further foreign particle contamination. This uniquely formulated water-based lubricating solution improves the slip ration on any surface, significantly reducing surface tension, drag, and friction, drastically improving the performance of the clay bar so it can easily glide over the surface, removing particulates safely and more effectively. This unique solution smooths out the surface, preventing scuffing, marring, and scratching, while filling in micro-scratches often seen in dark colored paint under fluorescent lights or bright sun.

Which clay bar can this product be used with?

TopCoat's EzGlyde solution will improve the performance of any clay bar but for optimal performance EzGlyde was designed to be used in conjunction with our white clay bar, EzClay. Try our Correct-IT Clay System today!