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TopCoat® Home Maintenance Kit




The newest & best way to detail your vehicle, or any surface, taking detailing to a whole new level.

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Professional Microfiber Towel

Professional Microfiber Towel

Ultra plus microfiber specifically designed for detailing and polishing

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Replace multiple detailing products with this one product that does it all. This new and improved formula is our #1 best seller.

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The TopCoat® Home Maintenance Kit is the ultimate solution for keeping your home looking like new. The kit features TopCoat® HPS and TopCoat® Gla-C! Together, HPS and Gla-C provide a complete home maintenance solution that will keep your home in perfect condition. Whether you're a homeowner looking to protect your investment or a contractor looking for a professional-grade product, the TopCoat® Home Maintenance Kit has you covered.

This Kit Contains: 

  • 1 - 16oz TopCoat ® HPS
  • 1 - 16oz TopCoat ® Gla-C
  • 2 - TopCoat® MycroPro 16" Professional Detail Microfiber Towels
  • 2 - TopCoat® MycroPro 18" Premium Detail  Microfiber Towels


Home Maintenance Kit FAQS

What is HPS®?

HPS® is an eco-friendly high-performance protective coating for in-home use! It's designed to REPLACE, outperform, and out-last traditional products. HPS® can even replace some cleaners! TopCoat® HPS® is our original formula! It's the easiest to use and fastest to apply coating in the world. Very popular for use on lighter colored vehicles and in the home. HPS® is ideal for use in the home on countertops, stainless steel appliances, shower doors, glass cooktops, cabinets, etc. HPS®is extremely forgiving and makes any surface look better than new!

How long will HPS® last?

Inside the home, HPS® can last up to a year. We recommend using it as a cleaner and polisher once the initial application is applied, so you can actually use it monthly, or even weekly if needed.

Will HPS® remove hard water spots?

HPS®can help remove hard water spots or stains, but we recommend removing those first before applying HPS®.  Moving forward, HPS® will help prevent those water spots from occurring.

What is Gla-C®?

Gla-C® is our glass cleaner and polisher in one. It is a true cleaner, and it will leave a streak-free shine.

Can I use Gla-C® on my windshield, inside and outside?

Yes! Gla-C® is made to be used on all glass, window film, acrylics, & isinglass.

Will Gla-C® cause streaks?

No, Gla-C® is formulated to leave a streak-free shine and give optimal optical clarity, so windows, windshields, glass, and mirrors are left crystal clear.

How GLA-C® Works

Gla-C® isn’t just another glass cleaner. It’s the first glass cleaner that cleans without streaking, polishes the surface crystal clear, and applies a unique coating that is extremely hydrophobic, all in one! Gla-C® was designed to effortlessly shed and disperse water, remove dust, dirt, and film residue that makes visibility a problem, and fill in micro-scratches and imperfections in the glass to improve optical clarity and visibility.

How HPS® Works

The one home & appliance cleaner that can safely be applied to any and all surfaces inside and outside of your home. Not only does HPS cleans your surfaces but also adds a protective barrier on the surface it is applied to. Preventing those surfaces from getting damaged and dirty!