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TopCoat® PolyWash™brings commercial-grade car wash technology to your driveway!

  • Water-based formula, Eco Safe!
  • No solvents or abrasive compounds
  • Perfect surface prep for TopCoat® F11®
  • Micro-Bond™ coating leaves behind a water-repellent, protective shine

TopCoat® Ships International!

Our TopCoat Products ship internationally.

Safe for your vehicle and the environment

Since TopCoat® products are water-based (rather than chemical-based), it is safe to use in your driveway and around your children and pets. And unlike some other products, there is no runoff that risks polluting the environment.

A little goes a long way

You can use as little as 1oz per gallon of water for a regular wash, or 2oz if things are a little dirtier than usual. This means up to 16 washes per bottle!

Works perfectly with other TopCoat® products

All TopCoat® products are specially formulated to be used together. PolyWash™ is the perfect surface preparation for a coat of F11®, HPS or Spritz for an even longer-lasting shine.

Commercial-grade Micro-Bond technology

Our proprietary Micro-Bond technology means that PolyWash doesn’t just clean your car, but also gives it a sleek, water-repellent shine that also protects your finish.

Safely and effectively remove road dirt and grime

PolyWash makes quick work of dirt and debris that other washes and waxes have trouble with. And unlike traditional wash products, PolyWash won’t create spiderwebs in your finish.

Simple to use

Use PolyWash in a bucket, sprayer, or foam cannon. However you decide to use it, it’s simple to apply, cleans fast and easily towels dry for a streak-free shine.

  • Safe for your finish: Unlike traditional soaps and washes, PolyWash™ will break up dirt and grime without damaging the surface. Perfect surface prep for F11®: PolyWash™ is specially formulated to bond with all TopCoat® Sealers.
  • A little goes a long way: Our ultra-concentrated formula means you can use as little as 1oz per gallon of water! Our high-tech Micro-Bond™ coating leaves behind a water-repellent, protective shine.
  • Use it in a sprayer, foam cannon, or the traditional bucket-- And get the same great results with whatever method you prefer! Wash, clean, shine, and protect with this one revolutionary product!

For General Purpose Cleaning:

  • Use 2oz of PolyWash™ per gallon of water. For light cleaning use 1oz of PolyWash™ per gallon.
  • Pour PolyWash™ into a bucket, then add water using the suggested ratio.
  • Thoroughly wet the vehicle you intend to wash.
  • Apply the mixed PolyWash™ to the wet surface using a sponge or wash mitt, wiping and washing the surface as you go.
  • Rinse thoroughly and then dry after.

Spray Directions:

  • Pour 1/2oz of PolyWash™ into a 32oz spray bottle already filled with water, then shake.
  • Spray on surface and wipe off using clean microfiber towels a section at a time.
  • Do not allow to dry before wiping clean.

For More Aggressive Cleaning:

  • Spray PolyWash™ on a section at a time.
  • Agitate surface with a cellulose sponge, microfiber wash mitt, or microfiber applicator pad.
  • Then wipe off using a clean microfiber towel until dry.

Foam Canon Directions:

  • Leave enough room to pour 1-2oz of PolyWash™ in a water filled foam canon container.
  • Note: For more desired sudsing/foaming add extra PolyWash™.
  • Connect foam cannon container to foam spray-head then shake to mix.
  • Attach to hose and go!
  • Rinse thoroughly and towel dry or blow off water.

Q. How much surface area does one bottle cover?

A. 1oz of PolyWash™ should cover approximately 440sqft of surface area. That means that a bottle will cover 7040sqft. To make this a little more practical, we recommend using 1oz in a gallon of water for a regular washing of your car, or 2oz in a gallon if it is particularly dirty.

Q. Will this remove wax? Will this clean off water spots?

A. PolyWash™ will not remove wax, and because it helps prep the surface to bond with our other products, it is the perfect product to use before applying a coat of F11®. PolyWash™ will not remove water spots, but due to the nature of the coating it applies, will significantly reduce the amount of new water spots that are able to form on the surface.

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Brian K.
Canada Canada


I have used a lot of soap this is the best I ever used the shine that comes after washing is awesome then with the f11 it brings out a beautiful finish and the shine is great


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you Brian!

John B.
United States United States

Yep! I was right!

I've been using the Poly Wash and F11 Topcoat for some time now. Buying the gallon size was a more economical way to continue keeping my truck looking great. With Poly Wash, I don't have to wonder if it is harmful to the Topcoat. OF COURSE IT'S A PERFECT MATCH!


TopCoat Products LLC.

Ploy Wash and F11 are really a match made in heaven!

Geoffrey A.
Australia Australia

A lot of elbow grease but it come up a great


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you for your review!

Dana M.
United States United States

Great car wash.

Had been considering giving this product a try for a while and during the Labor Day sale I got my order in. Washed my F150 and Mustang. Both came out looking great. I use F11 on both. Your products exceed expectations. Thanks, Dana.


TopCoat Products LLC.

That is great knowing the Polywash gave your F150 and Mustang a nice wash. Using it with the F11 is the perfect pairing.

Daniel E.
United States United States


I love the way it suds up with very little soap usage, and it does a fantastic job of cleaning the car and doesn’t remove the wax from the car.


TopCoat Products LLC.

Polywash really is the best to help keep your car looking clean!

Marcus B.
United States United States

Great product

Keeps my vehicles looking good


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you for the review!

George W.
United States United States

Super Wash absorbent

The best I've ever used. This absorbent wash cleans and dries easy, it pulls the Top Coat 11 polisher into the paint. "Sweet".

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® POLYWASH™ - GALLON Review

TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you for the review! The Polywash works so great with the F11.

Tom B.
United States United States

379 peterbilt show truck

This is the 2nd time using this product and I will use nothing else with your F is fantastic


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you for the great review!

United States United States

Very happy

I took a chance and bought the F11 for everyone in my family for Christmas 3 years ago. I use the product faithfully. I was my own car because I live on an island and the car wash is to far away. I was driving the other day and got caught in a rain storm. After I drove through it and was stooped at a light, I noticed it’s still working! The water was all beaded up on the hood of my car. I’ve been moving from my old house into a new house and haven’t washed my car in about 2 months. I just received an email and saw they have car wash. So because I got such great results from the f11 I’m going to try the wash solution now. I also saw a review they used the f11 on their granite countertops and stainless refrigerator. I’m going to try that too. Oh, and I’m getting my shower tiled and I will use it on that also. I will write another review after I try these.


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you for your love for the F11! There are so many different things that you can use the products for and its awesome to see you using them for many things!

Troy H.
Canada Canada

Good stuff !!

I bought a small bottle to try this product out. It’s the best car/truck wash product I have come across so far! I would highly recommend Top Coat Pol Wash to anyone who wants good results washing your vehicles. I use it on all my vehicles!


TopCoat Products LLC.

We are thrilled to hear you love the Polywash! Try out the F11 for the ultimate results!

Edward A.
United States United States


It was great. Cleaned the truck very well.


TopCoat Products LLC.

Thank you for your review!

Mark W.
United States

PolyWash gallon bottle.

Love this stuff. Great price on the gallon bottle.

TopCoat Products LLC. TOPCOAT® POLYWASH™ - GALLON Review