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TopCoat® EzClay™ Kit

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Replace multiple detailing products with one that does it all. This new and improved formula is our #1 best seller.

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features & benefits

Introducing the perfect clay bar solution with TopCoat's EzClay™ Kit that includes TopCoat® EzClay, a Professional "White" clay bar that replaces all bars in one, and EzGlyde™, the first clay bar lubricant and coating that not only offers industry leading lubricity for the best clay bar performance, but also adds a lustrous and protective coating against the elements, all at the same time!

Spray EzGlyde™ solution on a section of the surface, apply EzClay™ (Clay Bar) to the wet area and start the clay bar process by rubbing the clay bar over the surface until it is free of all debris; Keep the area saturated with EzGlyde™ while using EzClay™. When finished, wipe any residue off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Final buff the surface for a streak free shine. EzClay can be used with F11, F11Pro, Spritz, and PolyWash!

This Kit Contains:

  • 1 - 16oz TopCoat® EzGlyde™
  • 1 - 4oz TopCoat® EzClay™ Professional White Clay Bar
  • 1 - TopCoat® MycroPro 16" Green Professional Detail Mycrofiber Towel
  • 1 - TopCoat MycroPro 18" Premium Detail Mycrofiber Towel

EZClay Features & Benefits:

  • Body Shop Clay Bar
  • Long-Lasting Synthetic Technology
  • Professional White Clay Bar Shows All Debris
  • Won’t Disintegrate or Degrade
  • Replaces All Clay Bars, Fine - Medium - Coarse, All In One!
  • High Quality Clay Bar For a Lifetime of Use!

EZGlyde Features & Benefits:

  • Leaves a Resilient Shine
  • Improves Depth of Image
  • Improves The Claybar Performance  
  • Prevents Scuffing & Marring
  • Renews All Exterior Surfaces Like New
  • Reduces Surface Friction & Glides on The Surface
  • Removes All Foreign Debris in Paint, Glass, Plastic, & More!
  • Adds a Protective Coating - All at The Same Time!

how to use


Spray EzGlyde™ solution on the surface, apply EzClay™ (Clay Bar) to the wet surface and start the claybar process rubbing the clay bar over the surface until it is free of debris. Keep the surface saturated with EzGlyde™ while using EzClay™. When finished, wipe any residue off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Final buff the surface for a streak free shine.


Continuously knead & fold EzClay™ while working, always use a clean section. Wipe residue off with a TopCoat® MycroPro™ towel. Repeat process until area is smooth and free of contaminants. Note: Apply to a clean, cool surface.


What TopCoat products can be used with EzClay?

EzClay is developed to work with TopCoat’s PolyWash, F11PRO or Spritz, providing paint correction and coating protection all at the same time, a first in the detailing industry, saving valuable time, money, and effort by doing two jobs at the same time!

How is EzClay effective with only one clay bar?

EzClay eliminates the need for a fine, medium, or aggressive clay bar due to its new and advanced all-in-one compound design, offering the cutting performance of all three bars in one. This advanced compound technology also eliminates any potential of marring or scuffing the paint associated with aggressive bars.  This technology takes away the guess work when it comes to choosing the right clay bar and simplifies the process without by eliminating extra corrective measures like buffing out added marring caused by cheap clay bars or abrasive compounds. Whether you are a first time user, or a professional, EzClay will inspire confidence with an easy to use, high performance paint corrective system.

Why is does EzClay being white matter?

Often overlooked is the color of the clay, yet it’s a gamechanger for a professional. White shows everything and allows the user to easily see and quickly identify the foreign debris that is removed during the clay bar process. Quickly identifying embedded debris with a quick glance can be the difference between marring a finish or not, as the clay is continuously used, folding debris into it as you go. White clay allows the user to visually catch hazardous particles, preventing the potential of causing damage to the finish.

What surfaces should this product be used on?

EZClay is effective on any hard surface from paint, plastic, glass, chrome, and more.